Friday, April 3, 2009

Jesus might be coming to my early birthday party

I am busy at work again, this is happening a lot lately and is really cramping my style. AND by the time I get home from work, cycling, yoga, grocery store, making dinner, showering - the idea of sitting down on my computer-battle-station to share my innermost thoughts and feelings with the Internets just doesn't strike my fancy. The couch does though. That, and making out in the guest room with my husband while we change the sheets (woot woot!).

Anyway, here are my RANDOM thoughts for this week:

I hate the smell of my vitamin B supplement and Subway restaurants. Both make me gag.

Any stress relief that a 5pm Yoga class may provide does not carry over to 10:27am the following morning.

I left my credit card at Tim Horton's this morning when I drove through for a breakfast bagel because I woke up too late to fix eggs.

I have been without a debit card for 3+ weeks now and I am very annoyed by this.

I am going to be a designated driver tonight so my husband can get bombed off his ass. I can't wait.

Tomorrow we are volunteering at a Special Olympics skate meet. Volunteering is good but I mostly just want to see my husband on roller skates.

The daffodils in my front yard came up this week, plus one confused hyacinth.

I ordered Proactive because my face is a nightmare and because Mermanda told me to.

Good News and Bad News

The bad news is: we are not going to rural Kentucky OR Hustler of Hollywood for Easter this year.

The good news is: I am getting my *birthday present* early - pretty much the same day Jesus is supposedly coming to town. He's invited to my party as long as he doesn't steal my (early) birthday thunder.

This morning:

Me: Ugh! I had a dream about a lady who gave birth to a cat-baby last night.

Husband: How did she do that?

Me: She had sex with a cat. In my dream this was totally acceptable, I actually wanted a cat-baby too. It looked like Harleigh, except small and white and super fluffy.

Husband: You should be happy today, you get your birthday present in nine days.

Me: Why nine days?

Husband: Well that's when we're celebrating with your family and since your brother went in on it, I think he might want to be there when you get it. Is that okay if you get it early?

Me: Then on my real birthday you will get me another present?

Husband: No, but I will give you a card.

Me: Okay.

I think my husband is giving me a cat-baby in NINE DAYS!!!

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Mermanda said...

Let me know how the Proactiv goes. You should already be noticing some results!

I am with you on the smell of Subway restaurants. Gag me with a spoon. (Remember when people used to say that?)

As for the cat-baby!? I will definitely need to see some pics ASAP!