Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm kind of whiny and by kind of, I mean a lot whiny.

I’ve been absent from my blog because I spent the entire weekend chillaxing with my husband (and eating yummy Chinese food) and then yesterday when I wanted to tell you all about it, I got sick (OMG Again!)

I was nauseous all day and only able to eat a few bites of soup. I even had to call in sick for my cycling class (first time ever). Must be a stomach bug or something because I’m still queasy today (and no, I am not pregnant. And yes, I am sure.)

I am lucky though, my sweet husband took care of me all night. When I got home he took my temperature and then laid next to me in bed for three hours while I slept even though I had a fever. When I finally woke up, he made me some magic soup* and we watched the NCAA basketball championship and Horton Hears A Who. Then he gave me one last sip of sprite and put me to bed with two Advil.

I think he’s going to be a great doctor, I just hope he doesn’t lay in bed with all his patients saying things like, “Ooooh, I love warm, fever boobies!"

*My mom used to force feed me this soup when I was little. She swears this shit cures everything. Stomach flu, bumps, bruises, surgery, colds... Better! Like Magic! It's called Mrs. Grass but when I was little I hated it, so I called it Mrs. ASS (yes, I said ass to my mother, but only when I was sick). Over time I've come to realize this soup truly does have healing powers (and a magical nugget?) and so I still eat it when I'm sick. My husband has since coined it "magic soup" and he won't touch the stuff - except to make it for me.


Mermanda said...

Girlfriend! My mom made me eat the same soup! No wonder we are twinsies!

The nugget = ball of fat... but whatever. It's good.

I now make Andrew eat it when he's sick. We always keep a box in the house for angry tummies.

Tam said...