Sunday, March 30, 2008

cats can step on people but people can't step on cats

This afternoon we were lounging on the bed petting our 6lb persian cat.

FI: Do you know one day something the size of this cat will come out of your vagina?
Me: yes
FI: Do you want the cat to come out of your vagina?
Me: No.
FI: Is it because of the claws?
Me: Kinda
FI: Or is it because of the winky butthole?
Me: probably the butthole - but I have a feeling babies have winky buttholes too.
FI: yeah.


Jennie! said...

Yeah, claws and vaginas just don't go together.

Heidi said...

A winky butthole? haha

Tam said...

yeah he thinks that when the cat's tail is in the air it looks like the butthole is winking at him.