Monday, March 1, 2010

Maternity Leave

So much going on right now, so much joy. I will be taking Maternity Leave from Marrying a Medical Student. Please feel free to follow us on our baby blog.

But be warned, you might be tempted to lick your screen - my baby is just delicious.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping is better than snow and work

So it's totally snowing AGAIN today. Go figure. Good thing we're moving soon - to the tropics better known as Pittsburgh.

But today is Mr. President's Day.

And because of the President, today the GAP has 40% off EVERYTHING in the store. Um... I KNOW!!!

Yet another reason to LOVE Obama :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dress to impress

Even though I am still as big as a house and getting bigger as the days go by (3 lbs a week? WHAT?) I recently started missing dresses - all of my fun dresses stopped fitting a LONG time ago, the second I got pregnant my GI-NORMOUS jugs took charge and banished my dresses and button up shirts to the back of my closet.

But seriously, how fun is a really great dress? One piece of clothing that flows and flips making you looks spicy and feminine. My husband LOVES when I wear dresses - could this man possibly grab my ass more? The answer is YES, especially when I'm wearing a dress.

So I've starting looking at the spring lines at some of my favorite stores - Ann Taylor Loft, J crew ect. Nothing has really jumped out at me (not to mention, who knows when I'll be down to my pre pregnant weight) but today I came across a seemingly perfect option.

I was looking at this cute wedding over at Snippet & Ink and I was noticing how the magenta bridesmaids dresses really popped. When I scrolled down to see the designer, it was actually ONE DRESS worn SEVERAL DIFFERENT WAYS!!

The dress is a little pricey for my taste ($249) but all of the colors and different styles seem to make it worth the money. Couldn't you see this being in your closet for YEARS as the perfect staple? Wedding/Party/Cocktail/Night on the town dress? Ball it up and sneak it in your overnight bag - no ironing, no hassle! It's so flirty and fun!

Via Butter By Nadia

Do you have a signature dress? Will you be wearing it this Valentine's Day?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Falic Friday

OMG please go over to Heir to Blair and read this HILARIOUS guest post about.. well..

It's dirty and there are some really HOT tips.

If you have some extra time, read the comments. I laughed almost as hard.


That's what she said.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conversation Cookies, spell check required

I heart this card via Snarky Cards

Have I told you that I am AWESOME at making iced sugar cookies FROM SCRATCH? Well I am. And I'm not just saying that I'm awesome because I think I am - my husband (who won't even admit that I'm funny - let alone hilarious) even says they are awesome. My brother swoons over them and my mom can't get enough. I used to make them for Christmas, but now with the whole Jewish thing my cookies are usually in the shape of the Star of David around December. My pumpkin-shaped lovelies were DEVOURED at Thanksgiving and I cannot wait until I have kiddies old enough to squeal with excitement over the tin of sweets I made for them to open on Valentine's morning just like my mom used to do.

EN-EE-WAY, today during my bed rest blog surfing I came across something I MUST HAVE. NEED IT.

Customized letter cookie imprints rock! If you break up with your man, I promise I'll make you a cookies (or two) that says, "He Sucked"

Now isn't THAT romantic? Totally better than those chalky, generic conversation hearts with the aftertaste of sucking nickles. These cookies SAY IT ALL.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I get a REAL LIFE friend!

Today we matched for my husband's residency at THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH!

These are our thoughts thus far:

It was very high on our list and a very prestigious urologic training program.

We will not be Steelers fans - but I do love penguins.

It's better than Dayton and still within driving distance of my mom.

There are lots of job opportunities for me.

It's still cold - but not as cold a Minnesota.

There is a doctoral program there for me.

It's a 6 year training program for hubs, so buying another house is totally a possibility.

I'm not afraid to move to Pennsylvania.

I get to turn a blog friend into an IRL friend ... Mermanda, here I come!!

WHY is there an "H" on the end of Pittsburgh?