Friday, January 30, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #6

I like to plan. I am a compulsive planner. In order to plan things you need to have a list (or many lists depending on what you are planning). I like making lists. Grocery lists, 'to do' lists, want lists, don't want lists, lists of places I want to go and things I want to do. Like a list of books I want to read or a list of possible baby names that I may or may not have started when I was 18 years old. Lists of songs I want to download and lists of New Year's Resolutions. I make lists on paper and lists in my head. Sometimes the lists in my head get so long I have to write them down on paper because my mind isn't that long. My most masterful list of all time actually scared Jennie! one day. My lists make my husband anxious but they make me docile like a little lamb. Except for that one list, that list made me crazy but I am also crazy sometimes so that's why I like planning and lists. I also prefer to hand write my lists.

One of my most favoritist lists in the universe of universes to make is a PRO/CON list. When I first started dating my husband he said, "Are you seriously writing a pro/con list?" Um. Yes. Yes I am and this is what my decision will be based on. ... and six years later... what do you think we do when we have a big decision to make? We WRITE A PRO/CON list.

You know what else I really really like? Crossing things off lists. WHAT.SATISFACTION.

I decided that since I already did this exercise for Facebook, why waste a good list... so here you go. 100 things about...another one of my favorite things... ME!


1. I haven’t ingested caffeine in over three years.

2. Jelly donuts with white vanilla icing make me weak.

3. I can be super cranky and always try to apologize in advance.

4. Dave Thomas was my surrogate father in 1992 (RIP).

5. I actually write letters to my congressmen.

6. My youngest brother is more laid back and adventurous than my pinkie finger.

7. I was a vegetarian from 3rd grade to high school except for when I went to Damon’s and ate ribs.

8. I love when the people closest to me call me ‘Tam’; I hate when ANYONE calls me ‘Tammy’.

9. I am a little OCD about the cleanliness of our house.

10. My wedding day was the most amazing day of my entire life.

11. I love chocolate soy milk, soy yogurt and soy face wash.

12. I have a temper and when I indulge it, bad things happen.

13. I auditioned for my first play when I was 8.

14. I want to take a photography class.

15. I really like things that taste/smell like peppermint, but I hate peppermints.

16. I have developed stage fright over the last three years.

17. I think about my husband all day long.

18. I hate cheese on my salad and will always send it back.

19. I love Elizabethan history and all things Tudor England.

20. I have had eggs for breakfast every single day for five years.

21. My Dad is the hardest working person I know.

22. I can remember sitting in first grade during a power outage and a boy touched my fingers. His name was Jarrod and he picked his nose.

23. I have nightmares a lot and they are mostly about my family getting killed or ex boyfriends.

24. I teach cycling and Hebrew.

25. I hate change.

26. I think McDonald's is the devil but I love to eat there.

27. I wish my calves were toned.

28. I love the long fluttery black eyelashes on jersey cows.

29. I have never read Harry Potter or watched Lord of the Rings.

30. I wish there was more public transportation in the Midwest.

31. I have permanent marks from biting the insides of my cheeks.

32. I love to tell people my opinions about things and get mad when they don’t take my advice.

33. The diamond in my engagement ring belonged to my husband’s mother. It has a tiny black speck in it and every time I look at it I wonder what it would have been like to meet her.

34. I got my first pair of contacts last month.

35. I have a hard time keeping girl friends.

36. In college I lived on tuna, grilled cheese, Ramen and Spaghetti O’s.

37. I used to hate my freckles, now I wish I had more.

38. I can only use Arm & Hammer toothpaste because I’m allergic and now my husband has to use it too.

39. I was a cheerleader in high school and loved every minute of it.

40. I keep the inside of my car spotless.

41. I always shave my right leg first.

42. When I am sick I like to complain and drink lots of NyQuil(R).

43. I was raised Lutheran and converted to Judaism on my mother’s birthday.

44. I wish everyday that my best friend Scott lived next door.

45. I’ve never had braces and my teeth are perfectly straight.

46. I am friendlier than my husband and when people meet us they mostly make eye contact with me.

47. I’ve never lived outside Ohio.

48. I stopped biting my nails one month before I got engaged.

49. I tailgate and break entirely too late when pulling up to a stop light.

50. I used to like to hug acquaintances and now it kind of creeps me out.

51. I am pro-choice and pro-gay and would never vote for a judge who isn’t.

52. I hope creativity and thoughtfulness are genetic.

53. I’ve had my tonsils, wisdom teeth and gallbladder removed.

54. I am really good at forging people's signatures, except for my husband's because it's impossible.

55. My husband says I have a small nose but I swear it is medium sized.

56. I don’t like to play sports of any kind.

57. I love when my husband snuggles me.

58. I had a Tweety Bird tattoo removed from my foot/ankle and you can still see the outline.

59. I learned how to apply eye liner a year ago and now I wear it every day.

60. I am convinced someone will attack me one day.

61. I love my dentist office.

62. I am afraid of drowning or getting hit by a train.

63. Going to Vegas with my husband is more fun than I could ever explain.

64. My favorite book as a kid was The Napping House by Audrey Wood.

65. I am so happy I voted for Obama.

66. I have had the same plant sitting next to me while I work for the last five years.

67. If I could have one superpower it would be to speed read.

68. I look like my mom when she was my age.

69. I take naps. A.lot.

70. In high school I smoked Marlboro Lights. In college I smoked Benson & Hedges Deluxe Ultra light menthols. I quit smoking in grad school when I met my husband. I have a degree in public health and wish I could smoke sometimes.

71. I have reactive hypoglycemia and I hate that I can’t ever just have pizza and beer.

72. I wish my face wasn’t so round.

73. I am just learning to cook and bake. I make really good iced sugar cookies.

74. I am a creature of habit in every single way possible.

75. Giving blood makes me sick and dizzy.

76. The first gift I ever got from a boy was in third grade. It was an upside-down porcelain bear hugging a heart. I saved it on the top shelf of my dresser until I went to college and my mom threw it away.

77. I long to feel like I am part of a community.

78. Once I’ve decided that I don’t like you, I will probably never like you.

79. I majored in pre-veterinary medicine. I’ve rectally palpated a cow and castrated a pig.

80. When I grow up, I want to have a box full of jewelry that my daughter asks to try on.

81. I have a habit that I am very embarrassed of and cannot quit (not telling you).

82. I worked at Outback Steakhouse in college and love to eat there.

83. I want to have something I write published one day.

84. I have saved every single card my husband has ever written to me.

85. Sticking my finger in my belly button makes me feel nauseous.

86. I think Taye Diggs is so incredibly hot and I will watch anything with him in it. I lived on the same hall with his sister in college.

87. I kiss my cat on the face every day.

88. I love Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes because the sprinkles crunch in your mouth.

89. I got in trouble in the sixth grade for cheating on a science quiz. I honestly had no idea what the answers were.

90. I changed a lot when I went to college. For the better.

91. My mom says god punishes bad people and I believe her.

92. I have a scar on my right hand between my thumb and pointer finger from where I stabbed a letter opener through my hand trying to poke a hole in a baby food jar for a ladybug to breath. My mom told me not to do it in the first place so I tried to hide the blood while I stashed the bug jar.

93. People say I look like Topanga from Boy Meets World or the girl from Six Feet Under.

94. I like Coach purses but could never justify buying one.

95. In college I played Elizabeth I in the World Premier Revival of the Richard Rogers and Sheldon Harnick musical “REX.” I met Sheldon Harnick and he said I was “delightful.”

96. I ask my husband’s advice about almost everything.

97. I’ve been on three cruises and I love them.

98. I like to drink red wine out of large balloon-shaped glasses.

99. I can’t keep a secret (but I’m getting better at it).

100. I really like to make lists :)


Jennie said...

I love making lists. SO MUCH. I carry a little notebook in my purse just in case I need to make a list of something.

Heidi said...

This list is awesome. I'm just wondering now what your most embarassing habit is.

Tam said...

I will never tell.

Mermanda said...

Me too @ #'s:
35 60 56 78 80

And LOL @ #85

Great list. P.S. You and Topanga are hott.

Tam said...

I actually started a blot just to recruit new girl friends... welcome. I duped you.