Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All you need is some really old corning wear and a post digger!

I thought of a funny story, although I cannot take credit for it. It happened when we were at our after wedding reception thingy in rural Kentucky. Actually quite few funny things happened there. We arrived at the outside picnic and there was a lot of hustle and bustle...

Lady: Oh don’t worry, we just killed the snake.
DH: A snake? [looking over at me as I try to get back into the car]
Lady: Yeah a big ‘ol Copper Head. Don’t worry, they’re only a little poisonous!
DH: Um, yeah, the most deadly poison ever.
Lady: Well don’t you worry, we killed it.
DH: With what?
Lady: Well I like to use a hoe(sp?) but today we used a post digger. Head went one way, tail went the other!
DH: You just killed a Copper Head with a post digger?
Lady: Yep!


Lady: Oh and don’t you mind those pink panties hanging over there on that fence.
DH: What?
Lady: Yeah, over there on that white fence, pink panties, THONG ones actually, from Victoria’s Secret.
Lady: Well, I told you my sisters’ dogs are a mess. One of them dogs decided to eat those pink panties and wouldn’t ya know, the next day, they came back out – IN ONE PIECE! Yeah, my sister, she just pulled ‘em the rest of the way out and hung ‘em on that there fence. It’s kinda gross if you think about it, just letting some nasty old panties with shit all over them sit on her fence. But whatever. Can you see them?
DH: Um, yes, I think I can see them from here.

Did I mention that a 90 year-old lady gave us a corning wear dish with four inches of dust on it? The 10-year warranty on the box said it expired in 1998. We also received a used Christmas plate, an ugly bird house, two salad bowls and some doilies with fruit embroidered on them. I can see some re-gifting in our future!

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Jennie! said...

WOW. I'm speechless.