Friday, October 24, 2008

no milk for kitty, she prefers tapioca pudding

Our kitty, Harleigh, is sick. Miss Har has the FIV, feline AIDS, so we always take extra precautions when it comes to her immune system. No outside, no other cats, no boarding, dry indoor formula only [although husband swears she ate a triscut one day] and we get her groomed every 8 weeks or so. She has been going strong for seven years, sassy as ever. Wednesday night she came down with the pukes. LOTS OF PUKES. Pukes in the closet, pukes by the bed, pukes in the bathroom that husband stepped in a 5am {poor husband!}. We take turns cleaning it up, but kitty was really struggling. We took her to the vet and when we walked in this is the conversation I had with the receptionist:

Receptionist looks at file and sees my kitty is FIV+...

Girl: Aww poor kitty.
Me: Yeah she had a rough night.
Girl: Are you scared this will be her last...
Me: Um, I guess there is always that fear {yes you IDIOT I'm TOTALLY freaked anytime my cat gets sick!}
Girl: Yeah I had an FIV+ kitten, she didn't make it past 6 months.
Me: {i hate you}

Well some IV fluids, antibiotic, rectal temp and $150 later... Miss Har was headed home with us for observation. No pukes last night, only cuddles on the bed {she's SUPER cuddly when she's sick} so we hope the worst is over.

I hope she gets better by Halloween so I can get her a spoooky costume. I want her to be more talented than spaghetti cat so I also need to teach her a trick. Miss har hates having her picture taken, but sometimes I can sneek up on her. I thought I would share a few things that she likes to do...

When I was a single girl, Miss Har kept watch over my toiletries

She fell asleep holding a penis straw while assisting with masters-level statistics
She likes Christmas...
...but she REALLY likes Easter

She likes to help me pick out shoes We haven't got around to telling her she's Jewish yet, but I think she will like Hanukkah or Purim the best. I'm sure there are more fun times to be had with our adorable kitty. Get better sweet Har, get better and we'll give you a Triscut!

Miss Harleigh, the most beautifullest kitty in the whole wide universe!


Jennie! said...

Aww, I hope she is all better soon! She's my favorite cat (including my own).

kat! said...

our kitty is jewish, too. and he hopes harleigh feels better soon!

Tam said...

OMG cat your jewish cat made me laugh out loud at my desk. Did he convert? Harleigh did.

Tam said...

*cat = Kat!

kat! said...

well, when we brought him home we gave him a choice, and as you can see he takes after his daddy.

or maybe he just really likes fire :)