Friday, April 17, 2009

I am a seed, a seed of me. And when I take my April shower - poof! There I am, a little flower*

"Wow, 29? Well, at least you're not 30..." - Meredith, age 17

I've already told you that my birthday is one of my favorite things - so why belabor the point? BECAUSE TODAY IS THAT DAY! My darling husband decorated our house with HAPPY BIRTHDAY banners this morning and bdazzled my car with shiny birthday streamers. I woke up to lots of smooches and sunshine. I am wearing my new crimson wedges and having a lovely hair day. My office is getting Chinese food in my honor and then I'm off to a fancy pants dinner with this gorgeous guy that I married. My lovelies, this is a great day!

Also, a big 'ol shout out to my BIRTHDAY TWIN GRANDPA! 91 years and counting *gush*

Me: Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Gpa: Happy Birthday Sweetie.

Me: Are you having a good day so far?

Gpa: I'm feeding the fish, but the turtles keep eating the food.

Me: Sounds like an adventure. How does it feel to be 91?

Gpa: I've been praying every day that I make it to 91...

Me: Well it worked! You're 91 today!

Gpa: Yeah?

Me: Yeah! You're 91 and I'm 29. Do you want to trade?

Gpa: How can we trade?

Me: I'll be 91 and you can be 29.

Gpa: I think I'd like to be 40, 40 was a good one.

Me: 40 it is then! What are you going to do today?

Gpa: Well your mom made me a cake, strawberry cake [our favorite!]

Me: She made me that same cake last weekend. You're a lucky guy to have my mom there.

Gpa: Yeah, but she didn't finish it yet.

Me: Why not?

Gpa: She won't put those 91 candles on it. I want the candles.

Me: Well you just keep reminding her, sometimes she forgets things.

Gpa: Oh I will.

Me:I love you so much grandpa.

Gpa: I love you too dear.

[hands the phone to my mom]

Mom: He is feeding those fish rock hard oatmeal cookies and the turtles are pushing their way in. They climb right out of the water as soon as he walks out. I guess they like cookies.

Me: Well you better get those 91 candles on that cake or you'll never hear the end of it.

Mom: I know he's been asking since I made the cake last night. I don't even know if I can fit that many on there... he seriously wants all 91....

My mom went to Florida to take care of my grandparents for awhile and when she arrived my grandpa had placed a daisy and a piece of chocolate on the bed for her. My mom said that wilted daisy was the most precious thing she's ever seen. Love to grandpa.

*Poem credits. Me (circa 1985)


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A beautiful post. Happy Birthday Tam and Grandpa!

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Happy happy birthday!

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Happy birthday!