Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is it my birthday yet?

I very much *love* my birthday. Thankfully most of my friends and family fully understand this concept and its translation: "I like to celebrate myself so please make a big deal of it!"

I have heard of people hating their birthdays - I think this happens around either 29 or 31 - I know I will always love mine though.

When I was in kindergarten I wrote a poem about my birthday that I will never forget:

I am a seed; a seed of me
and when I take my April shower,
Poof! There I am; a little flower

My birthday is in April and really think the whole thing is quite genius for a 5 year old.


Jennie! said...

Hey! My birthday is in April, too, can I use your poem?

Tam said...

sure - just don't take credit for it. My 5yrs old self will hate you forever. She's a bitch like that.

w007jmw said...

you should send it to hallmark!!

Heidi said...

I always knew you were a genius. WE all share an April birthday. Also, hilarious Knot post.