Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't cha think your girlfriend is hot like me?

TODAY on SMITTEN Joanna blogs about this phenomenon:

Reader's Dilemma: "My Boyfriend Crushes on Celebrities that Look Nothing Like Me. Is That Bad?"

reader's question:
Is it strange that I think my boyfriend has bad taste in (other) women? Every celebrity he finds attractive is a petite brunette with big boobs (think Eva Longoria and Jennifer Love Hewitt). That's the complete opposite of my body type (I'm tall, blonde, with smallish boobies. Many of the girls he finds hot seem trashy to me (Tara Reid, ew, even in the old days she was gross). Does this mean he doesn't find me attractive? Does he secretly wish I looked more like those celebrities? He's not a sleazeball that checks out other girls in real life; he just has weird taste and I don't know where I fit into that. Am I crazy for worrying about this?! Is this just a case of guy pretty and girl pretty?

You can click on the link above to read Joanna's answer, but here's my take:

I'd like to think my body somewhat resembles that of Scarlette Johannson and my tattoo isn't nearly as trashy as some of the tramp stamps Megan Fox has - but never has my husband ever celeb-crushed on a red head.

Instead of reading into this like a crazy person (that I am), I've convinced myself that he saves up all his red headed *love* for me. He married me, so I must have something going on (he swears it's the boobies and the trunk junk). And SO WHAT if during girls night a few weeks ago he happened to blurt out that one of our acquaintances has "sexy lips" in the middle of a totally unrelated conversation (yes, he did). I need to kick my insecurities to the curb (and so do you sister) and take a long hard look at my over thinking-self in the mirror and ask... Does my husband look ANYTHING like Taye Diggs?

If I'm gonna swoon over chocolately goodness - I can't let sexy lips and blond ambition ruin my mojo. Yes indeed, my husband loves me - crazy (and slammin' aSK) included!

We're hot together - and our fantasies make us hotter!


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