Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Movie Review

I actually saw a movie this past weekend! YAY!

He's Just Not That Into You
I guess I would say this isn't the best movie in the world but not the worst either. I think I would describe it as: CUTE. Husband went in with limited expectations and thought it was good. I went in with heightened expectations (mostly based on the previews and cast) and was a tiny bit disappointed. I never read the book so I can't go into the "movie-is-never-as-good-as-the-book' rant but it's definitely long. One thing that I found disappointing was that Drew Barrymore is hardly in the movie at all. The monologues they used for the trailer pretty much encompass her scenes. I like her, so I was bummed. Also Scarlette Johansen is a total sluttyslutslut in this movie. There is a scene where she swims naked (in front of a married man!) and her jigglies almost break the surface of the husband drooled on himself and the person sitting next to him! Man he loves her, and although she is on his list of 'people outside our marriage that we are allowed to sleep with if the opportunity ever arises' I had to listen to him talk about how smokin' hot she was all weekend. I think I even had a sex dream about her! Sheesh!Good thing I have those self-confidence pills tucked in my purse. Ben Affleck and Ginnifer Goodwin steal the show. She's adorably charming! On the other hand Kevin Connolly is creepy, and Jennifer Connelly is not feminine (I seriously think it's the eyebrows). Bottom line: if your last name is some derivative of conno(ne)ly - you suck in this film. So totally con your sweetie or bestie into going to see this flick with you - then let me know what you thinks!

For funsies:

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
This movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and showing (over and over again) on TNT is about an African-American pediatric surgeon. It was also: CUTE
[warning: this movie has more commercials that the super bowl. Use your DVR wisely]

Spring Awakening (Broadway tour)
This show was awesome. It will now be ranked third on my all time favorite show list after Rent and Wicked. If it tours in your area you must MUST see it. Pent up teen sexual frustration, suicide, homosexuality, abortion, even a bare ass and nipple - this play has it all. Not to mention it's a stunning rock musical with a simple set and simple costumes. AND AND the stage was a square with seats at stage right and left and SOME LUCKY BASTARDS got the view the show FROM ON STAGE. If I ever see it again I want, no, NEED those seats! I won't even pick my nose or unwrap candy. I heart this musical.

*One minor thing that makes me want to mustard someone's car was that our seats were sandwiched between a stinky-too-much-perfume-lady and some fat guy who was singing, SINGING! the music. Sir, I too have the soundtrack but refrain from belting out these catchy tunes in respect for the other patrons - shut up you grizzly bastard! I didn't pay to hear you mumble the tunes to EVERY SONG!

Then in act two my mom and I got our revenge by switching seats. Three rows closer. I still hate that guy.

*And another thing, did you know people wear jeans (JEANS!) to the theater these days? You know our society is going down the pee-pot when people can't even show some respect for the arts. When I was little, my mom would get me all fancied up in my party dress and shiny shoes to see a play. My party dress was dirty last night, but I still dressed up. It's just the way it should be.

I'm all outta things. That concludes my Monday Movie (play and made for TV movie) Review but don't forget Valentine's day is coming up and also don't forget SPREAD THE LOVE FEBRUARY
(over there ----> remember?)

I found out husband bought local for my v-day gift as well ....and you thought those dirty sex shops with a booth out front were a franchise!

5 comments: said...

You're totally a better wife than I am.

I would NEVER let Mike talk about how hot some girl is. We agree that someone is pretty, but geez-oh-Pete, I don't want to know how hot you think Selma Hayak is! (Okay, so I know he thinks she's hot. Heehee.)

And he's a great husband for seeing that with you. The one problem with being married is, I see all my movies with Mike. Which means, if it's a girly movie, I just don't get to see it!


Tam said...

My reasons are selfish really... I want to keep Taye Diggs on "mylist" in the event I meet a jeanie and get a couple of wishes... :)

Yeah it's a rare occasion that I can talk him into a girly movie and usually means I have to subject myself to Pinapple Express or the like!

Sarah said...

Ok, can I tell you how much I loved the Gifted Hands movie this weekend? I was glued to the couch through all the long commercials!

Tam said...

It was really good, I almost cried like twice! Go Cuba!

Mermanda said...

I saw Spring Awakening in NYC last winter. Loved it!