Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #8

My favorite Jewish Holiday is Passover

Why not sit down for a meal with the family and tell the story of our heritage?

Finding the Afikomen (matzah) gets you a prize!

Eating parsley and gefilte fish isn't THAT bad, and charoset is DE-lish!

Had Gadya has the craziest lyrics and best tune EVER! Seriously, LISTEN!

Obama held the first ever Seder at the White House (Heeb magazine quote: "This will mark the first Presidential seder ever to be held in the White House. We’re looking forward to photos of Sasha and Malia reading from the Haggadah and Rahm Emanuel and Hillary fighting over the Afikomen.")

HERE are six other things about Passover from a guy named after hot dogs!

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