Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Movie Review

I was so busy talking about residual Valentine’s blah blah, gushing over girly-products and dreaming about shagging an emo-dreads-dude I forgot to fill you in on my movie reviews...

This was our V-Day matinee and seeing as though we went in with low expectations (and a warning that the movie isn’t realistic) we actually enjoyed it. The plot is really simple – daughter gets abducted and father kicks major a@@ to try and save her. I decided Liam Neeson is a cool dad and if I am ever forced into a prostitution ring in some godforsaken country, I hope he would come and save me too.

Zack and Miri [make a porno]
(Note: this movie is very very dirty and has very dirty words/images/innuendos/jokes – I think that stuff is funny. Don’t judge me.) Zack and Miri are platonic roommates about to get kicked out of their shitty Pittsburgh apartment until they happen upon the idea of making a porno to increase cash flow. People who know me, know I hate porn, but this movie really isn’t about porn (per se) and is more about living up to standards, quirky friendships and the girl from Cry Baby.

[I also think it's funny that they changed the title of this movie after complaints. Apparently, as long as the content of a movie is masked by a cute name society doesn't care what it's about.]

Also, I am the luckiest girl - I've gotten to see two (count 'em, TWO) Broadway musicals this month. See? Spreading the February is making all kinds of good karma for me.

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
A doctor at the hospital unexpectedly gave husband two tickets (free!) to see the Broadway tour of this show on Saturday night – the seats were on the aisle in the 10th row! SweetassSweet. Finally, a perk amidst this medical-student madness. The show was A-DOOR-ABLE. Perfect roles for any character actor/actress. Each one is nuttier than the next. Seriously, if it tours in your area, It’s hilarious! And if you’re a good speller, there’s even an opportunity for YOU to be in the BEE! (god knows I didn’t volunteer myself). There is even a song about erections!

Did you watch the Oscars? I did and here is my take on it.

Love Love Loved Natalie Portman’s dress.

I think Hugh Jackman and Pierce Brosnen can now make babies (together)

Anne Hathaway can sing. I like!

Reese Witherspoon, I heart you but you looked like hell.

Jennifer Aniston was so nervous that Brangelina was seated in front of her she screwed up her lines. She also tried funny and unless she’s channeling Rachel Green, she sucks at it. Also bringing John Mayer looked like it was bring-an-awkwardly-tall-younger-man-to-your-work-Christmas-party day.

Fara Fawcet. Yikes! Someone tried to criticize her dress; I couldn’t get past her face.

Brangelina snubbed Ryan Seacrest… again! (but OMG I want those green earrings!)

Worst. Deadpeople. Tribute. Ever. Day.

Yay Slumdog!

Seth Rogan lost weight – and he was sleeping with hot chicks in movies while he was fat. I think I heart him.

Thank god for DVR - there were exactly five awards that I actually cared about.

I want to see Milk.
I want to see The Wrestler, because of Marissa Tome.
I want to see Rachel's Getting Married.

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Heidi said...

I also want to see all of those movies.

Jennifer Aniston was pooping her pants on stage, but she had cute hair!

I also wish Meryl Streep was my mom so I could get all fancy and go to the awards.