Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's tea, sip it and work the pinkie finger

One billion years ago I had nothing to blog about so gave a proverbial shout out to my loyal reader(s) (you) for topics/questions. No one cared. Well, that’s not true. Mermanda cared and offered up a question that I have chosen to answer today, due to a lack of anything else interesting going on in my life. I am getting a haircut tonight and my eyebrows are channeling Jennifer Connelly. They need attention.

She writes: What is your favorite thing to order at a bar?

Since I rarely go to bars, because I am a lame wify now and my eyes get sleepy around 9:30pm and seeing as though 9:30pm is entirely too early to hit a bar, bar – I usually limit myself to places that sell food and contain a bar. Isn’t it funny how the HAPPY in HAPPY HOUR changes when you get older? My happy USED to be drink specials, but now my hour is happier if it includes “1/2 price appetizers.” Lame and cheap are my pleasures. I’ve replaced drunk with a fat ass. Happy indeed.

There are certain things that make me absolutely giddy when I crack open a menu. I can get *VERY* excited over simple things like food (and snow caps). Husband swears it’s because I’m crazy but I bet deep down he thinks it’s endearing.

Cider on draft

Deep fried mushrooms (although husband doesn’t like them so I rarely order this)

Hoegaarden (although I’ll settle for Blue Moon draft)

Cabbage rolls (shut up.)

Crème brulee

Fish and chips (only if vinegar is available for dipping!)


german potato salad

Chocolate chip French toast

Caffeine free diet coke (Panera/Macaroni Grill/Chick-fil-a – You complete me.)

Tomato Basil Bisque

Miso soup

Currently, I’m on a salmon kick also salads with calamata olives and anything drenched in Jack Daniel’s glaze.

In addition, anytime I see a formal tea menu, I *Squeeee* with delight (inwardly, so not to embarrass the husband). Tea menus brings back one of my favorite memories from our engagement trip. We were in Victoria British Columbia and we found THIS lovely place (in THIS lovely book). I cannot possibly explain how magical it is. The lady photographed on the homepage laughs like a bowl full of jelly. It’s perfect. I can see the stacks of tiny cakes and sandwiches (tiny food = awesome) and can almost taste the warm passion fruit tea. Can you see the snuggly on the tea pot?

I have a tiny glass teapot on my desk to remind me of it. Mine looks like the one in the bottom left of the picture but it is blue. My boss tried to touch it one time and I said, "Put that down" and he said, "Why, what is it?" and I said, "Something that, if broken, would leave me no choice but to kill you." So he put it down but not before saying that he wanted one. Good luck with that. Don't touch my desk.


ashley.star said...

Anyone who turns a question about a bar into a list of yummy food and then TEA (!! Which I happen to be currently enjoying!) - is someone I want to be friends with.

Also - that picture is too cute. :)

If you live near Dayton (I thiiink you said you live is SW Ohio. If not, never mind!), you should go to Central Perk in Oakwood! It's a tea shop owned by British people!!

Mermanda said...

LOL. I don't even remember asking that question... but thanks for the answer! I too love dipping things in malt vinegar and my beer of choice is Blue Moon. (I get really pissy if they don't have slices of orange. Really. Pissy.)