Friday, February 20, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #7

Wow! I feel like it has been forever since I’ve reviewed one of my favorite things. Today you’re in for a treat because Heidi and I visited Sephora a few weeks ago and my treasures are A-mazing.

I’ve always used drug store mascara, the rationale being that I didn’t want to spend twenty bucks (don’t say “bucks” it’s not lady like) on a tube of black shit to make my eyelashes darker. I found a brand I liked, and stuck with that. THEN I always see commercials about “lash extending” formulas or “new thicker lashes” or “tubes of length that fall off when you wash” and I am commercially pressured to try new products. These said products always turn out to be total shit. I like full lashes, not thin separated ones. I also like black/brown mascara because black (or worse black/black) makes my face look like night of the living dead. My usual mascara stopped making black/brown and after throwing away THREE craphole tubes at $6-$8 a pop…I caved.

Me: Hi. I need new mascara. What’s the best kind you have?

Sephora sales girl: How do you like your lashes?

Me: Full and thick.[Medium rare. Wtf?]

Sephora sales girl: Dior show. To the right.

Me: Sold.

Holy crap bags batman, $24 for a tube of eyelash tint! Yowsers! [breath, rationalize] I’ve already wasted at least that much on the tubes I’ve pitched.

OMG this mascara rocks and it's worth every single penny. Sephora rated it in the “Best of 2008” list and I know why. The best part is, it come in a milk chocolate color that they call “Chestnut” which compliments lighter skin tones perfectly. I didn't get the waterproof kind, only because I read one time that wearing WP Mascara everyday is damaging to your lashes. Even though it isn't WP, Dior Show doesn't smudge or bleed under your eyes by the end of the day. My new mascara even prompted this comment from my otherwise oblivious husband, “Your eye make-up looks really good today.” I am now officially the girl who spends $24 on a single tube of mascara and tells people it's worth it. Next thing you know I'll be exclusively bathing in Fiji water and getting a colonic. Watch out Hollywood!

My second purchase was am impulse buy stemming from the fact that my husband recently commented that my perfume makes me smell like High School Musical 2 (so what if I'm BFF with my sweet pea body spray!) So, I’ve been on a quest for something more “grown up” without smelling like a French whore house or a grandma. I’m also pretty sensitive to smells, so I needed something light-ish. Last year I peeled open the fragrance tab on a magazine to wipe my wrists with Michael Kors Island. I remember my hair wafting in the island breeze of freshness and then when I saw it was $60 for a dinky bottle – I quickly forgot the experience altogether. There in Sephora, sitting on a *glorious* tower of items marked “SALE” I spotted a Michael Kors Island gift set (left over from the blessed 12/25th)- Full.Size.Bottle. (and a stupid clutch) $60 $30.00!!! SOLD!! To me, and one for Heidi.
ISLAND MICHAEL KORS CAPRI makes me want to smell myself…ALL.DAY.LONG. (Husband approved!)

Also, I would like to note that just because you work at a store/counter that sells make-up doesn’t mean you are required to model ALL OF IT ON YOUR FACE AT ONCE!!! Can somebody get a chisel so I can find this girl’s cheekbone? Oh, and while you’re at it, call the glitter police.


ohioana said...

You are such a frigin' girl!

Tam said...

guilty as charged.