Monday, January 25, 2010

I get a REAL LIFE friend!

Today we matched for my husband's residency at THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH!

These are our thoughts thus far:

It was very high on our list and a very prestigious urologic training program.

We will not be Steelers fans - but I do love penguins.

It's better than Dayton and still within driving distance of my mom.

There are lots of job opportunities for me.

It's still cold - but not as cold a Minnesota.

There is a doctoral program there for me.

It's a 6 year training program for hubs, so buying another house is totally a possibility.

I'm not afraid to move to Pennsylvania.

I get to turn a blog friend into an IRL friend ... Mermanda, here I come!!

WHY is there an "H" on the end of Pittsburgh?


Habbala said...

Congratulations on the news!!! I here Pittsburgh is great. What an exciting change coming your way!!!

Mermanda said...

Wahoo! Buy a house in Forest Hills! It's totally cute! And there are a ton of houses on the market in my neighborhood right now. Convenient commute to Oakland. Ohhh... want me to put you in touch with our realtor? She's a total badass.

laura @ so alaurable said...

Congrats, sounds like lots of great things to come in Pittsburgh! And here I always thought Mermanda was your friend IRL too already.

Mermanda said...

P.S. "Pittsburgh is one of the few American cities to be spelled with an h at the end of a burg suffix. This style is commonly used for many other cities and towns of Western Pennsylvania. While briefly named "Pittsburg" from 1890 to 1911 following a declaration by the United States Board on Geographic Names, the Pittsburgh spelling was officially restored after a public campaign by the citizens of the city."

What can I say? We love the H!

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is awesome. I second Mermanda's endorsement of Forest Hills - we came close to buying there before someone else snatched up the house we were scoping out. Also lots of affordable housing in my 'hood of Morningside (close to Oakland) if you prefer a more sidewalk-y, city-ish environment. Lemme know if you want more suggestions!

Tam said...

I'm totally stoked about IRL friends :)

me said...

Welcome to PA. It is definitely the best :) Good luck!