Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping is better than snow and work

So it's totally snowing AGAIN today. Go figure. Good thing we're moving soon - to the tropics better known as Pittsburgh.

But today is Mr. President's Day.

And because of the President, today the GAP has 40% off EVERYTHING in the store. Um... I KNOW!!!

Yet another reason to LOVE Obama :)


Lindsey Marie said...

Unfortunately, it's snowing just as much in Pittsburgh!

ohioana said...

Seriously, our PA connections say downtown Pittsburgh is a freaking snow disaster...a foot of snow packed tight and kids on a permanent two-hour delay because there's no place for them to stand on the sidewalk, and they don't want them standing in the street in the dark.

Also, I think the Gap sale is in honor of G. Washington and A. Lincoln. Love Obama all you want, but he doesn't really have a holiday yet.

Tam said...

dear weather - being snowed in doesn't help me take advantage of the Gap sale. UGH!