Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dress to impress

Even though I am still as big as a house and getting bigger as the days go by (3 lbs a week? WHAT?) I recently started missing dresses - all of my fun dresses stopped fitting a LONG time ago, the second I got pregnant my GI-NORMOUS jugs took charge and banished my dresses and button up shirts to the back of my closet.

But seriously, how fun is a really great dress? One piece of clothing that flows and flips making you looks spicy and feminine. My husband LOVES when I wear dresses - could this man possibly grab my ass more? The answer is YES, especially when I'm wearing a dress.

So I've starting looking at the spring lines at some of my favorite stores - Ann Taylor Loft, J crew ect. Nothing has really jumped out at me (not to mention, who knows when I'll be down to my pre pregnant weight) but today I came across a seemingly perfect option.

I was looking at this cute wedding over at Snippet & Ink and I was noticing how the magenta bridesmaids dresses really popped. When I scrolled down to see the designer, it was actually ONE DRESS worn SEVERAL DIFFERENT WAYS!!

The dress is a little pricey for my taste ($249) but all of the colors and different styles seem to make it worth the money. Couldn't you see this being in your closet for YEARS as the perfect staple? Wedding/Party/Cocktail/Night on the town dress? Ball it up and sneak it in your overnight bag - no ironing, no hassle! It's so flirty and fun!

Via Butter By Nadia

Do you have a signature dress? Will you be wearing it this Valentine's Day?


KJ said...

I have that dress! Only in cheaper version. I bought it for B and my second dating anniversary, then wore it to a wedding, my bachelorette, and, most recently, the OB/GYN department holiday party. It really is versatile.

laura @ so alaurable said...

Tam! Have you seen this?

If you google "DIY infinity dress", several make-your-own options come up...if I was more crafty I'd try it!

Here are some cheaper versions:
Dessy $190 -

American Apparel $43 -

Victoria's Secret $95 -