Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vampires, chocolate and toy guitars

I cannot remember the last time I had THIS MANY TV crushes (maybe the days of the original 90210 and Melrose Place?) Perhaps it's my raging hormones or the fact that I have been on "pelvic rest" (draw your own conclusions) for five weeks now with no end in sight - but these men are just de-lish-ish. I am making my husband watch the shows while I swoon over these guys. See pelvic rest comment, followed by the hormonal wife swooning over TV guys and know that I have an amazingly understanding husband. One NONE of these guys can hold a candle to, but it's okay to drool over the runners up when you have the real thing rubbing your back every night, isn't it?

And while Matt Lauer is my first eye candy of the day, these are my prime time staples. Be prepared to change your undies ladies... (even their names are AH-DORABLE)

4. Grayson Ellis [Cougar Town] - he is a sexy neighbor who owns a bar and plays a little girl's guitar with tiny pink flowers on it.

3. Stefan Salvatore [Vampire Diaries] - My very first teen vampire crush. He has smokey dark eyes, a ripped body and just happens to be a mysterious (good guy) vampire. Nuff said.

2. Will Schuester [Glee] - um, have you seen this video? The voice, the curls - yes please.

1. Taye Diggs [Private Practice or anything else staring Taye Diggs even the Miss Piggy Disney World commercial] Pure chocolaty goodness. Did I mention he can sing too?

Runners Up: The entire cast of Big Bang Theory. Nerd love at it's best.

Now tell me, who are YOUR TV crushes?


Kim said...

Will Schuester-- YES PLEASE!

This is my favorite Mr. Schuester, completely swoon worth clip:


Tam said...

Love that one!!!

jenn.j said...

Love, love, love Taye Diggs. Ohmygosh.

The cuties from Gossip Girl are also delish :)