Thursday, October 22, 2009

Right now TV makes me SMILE

Can I tell you how much I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH GLEE? Oh my goodness, that show. It makes my musical theater heart flutter every time a number starts. I get this HUGE smile on my face and cannot help but ooze with, well, GLEE.

The musical numbers from last night were SO SO GOOD! I love how these Broadway actors have crossed over and brought their talents to prime time. And aside from the faking pregnancy/teen pregnancy/homosexual undertones ... it's a family friendly show (and set in O-H I-O!)

CAN YOU IMAGINE if this was YOUR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER??! That adorable, talented curly-haired wonder? Yes, Please. I will go back to high school FOR HIM.

My new favorite thing to do in my free time is search the YouTube for GLEE clips. I know, I have no life.

In other news, last night on "I Peed Out My Baby" the nurse looks up at this girl and says,

Congratulations! You just had a baby IN YOUR PANTS.


(to top the horrific awfulness that is the toilet baby show, they now have a show called My Monkey Baby - oh my sweet baby jesus please stop me before I watch it.)

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