Monday, January 18, 2010

Apparently they're like gremlins, only richer

Today is MLK day and to celebrate the occasion my mom and I watched The Great Debaters last night. A very racially charged movie and somehow the moral totally went over my head. I'm blaming it on my current condition making it impossible for me to concentrate or see the deeper meaning in things - but in all honesty - I don't think I ever would have gotten it.

When I clicked on the tube this morning, hoping for a nice hefty dose of Matt Lauer, all I found was blahbabbity blah about the golden globes. The most dissapointing critque of the awards as reported by NBC analysts: stars didn't take enough risks with their hair. They kept going on and on about how people with naturally nappy hair had a REALLY bad night, while Julia Roberts slapped on a casual black dress, chunky gold necklace and rocked finger waves like a princess. So the stars wore ribbons for Haiti yet bitched about getting wet? Seriously?

I forced hubs to watch the globes last night (with DVR buffer) and I seriously think it was the worst awards show I've ever seen. These were the take-away points:

1. Ricky Gervais is not funny.

2. The foreign press is mentally challenged. Which is the ONLY explanation for The Hangover winning best comedy (

3. Actors suck at speeches. GO FIGURE.

4. Meryl Streep is old but not as old as Sophia Loren.

5. Apparently globes are out and exposed sternums are in. I don't think I saw anything bigger than an A cup - except for Nichole Kidman's nipples which had their own ZIP CODE.

The only redeeming moment of the entire night...


There is a sane person at the foreign press association - and I bet he's a flaming homosexual. Thanks be to god!

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Mermanda said...

Oh my goodness, Tam. You are the only one to agree with me that The Hangover sucked. Now let's never speak of this again before everyone in the blogosphere disowns us!