Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And I also worked on these

The doctoral program I am applying to will accept my old scores, so I no longer need to:

8. Study for the GRE

39. Take the GRE

40. Apply to DrPH programs (application is due DECEMBER 1st and I'm almost finished with it!)

BUT, because of
33. Keep a secrete

I can't do these this year...

13. Go to a wine tasting

46. Ski

This past weekend we placed an order for our carpet.

16. Get new carpet

And this counts DOUBLE because I MADE a fancy banner...for BOTH of my blogs! Go me!

38. Get a fancy banner for my blog

Now if I could only...

44. Win something!!

(16 more to go!!)


Mermanda said...

Are you knocked up? Why can't you go to a wine tasting?!

Tam said...

where have you been??

S said...

Going to Bingo night was one of the ways I bonded with my mom when I was pregnant (we like to gamble a little too much apparently). But I forewarn you, those old ladies are CUT-THROAT and they don't care if there's a baby on the way. So just pay very close attention.