Thursday, September 17, 2009

I need to bake a pie - who needs pie?

My updated resolutions list. I need to get a move on with these!

1. Delete my MySpace account

2. Spend way too much money on a fancy brunch

3. Bake an apple pie

4. Register everyday for the HGTV dream home (contest ends 2/19/09)

5. Go to a BINGO night

6. Pay off my Discover card

7. Donate books to a vagina charity

8. Study for the GRE

9. Get an ‘A’ in my biostatistics course

10. See a sports medicine doctor for my knee

11. Organize my CDs

12. Play more Wii

13. Go to a wine tasting

14. Snuggle

15. Know Shabbat prayers from memory

16. Get new carpet

17. Keep up with current events

18. Switch to biodegradable cleaning products

19. Wear shimmery lip gloss

20. Have something published

21. Give someone a second chance

22. Dance with my husband

23. Be on time for something

24. Organize my computer area

25. Learn to use iTunes and photo editing software

26. Do 100 push ups

27. Read more books (sTORI Telling) and keep track of them

28. Go on a girls vacation with my friends

29. Clip coupons

30. Eat more dairy, soy and protein

31. Play ski ball

32. Own a necklace with a sparrow on it

33. Keep a secrete

34. Hand write notes to friends and family

35. Get rid of my mail catalogs

36. Be patient with husband’s schedule

37. Floss more

38. Get a fancy banner for my blog

39. Take the GRE

40. Apply to DrPH programs

41. Think before I speak

42. Frame some wedding photos

43. Paint my nails navy blue

44. Win something

45. Give handmade holiday gifts

46. Ski

47. hang out with my mom

48. Have my veil preserved

49. Wean myself off of Us Weekly

50. Use more lotion

I still need to win something... little over three months to go!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Who DOESN'T need pie?

Jennie said...

I agree, EVERYONE needs pie.