Friday, December 12, 2008

My Favorite Things Edition - #4

Topping my current list of places to browse for lovely things are Etsy (check out KnitKnit as a featured seller today!) and Anthropologie. While I never find things I actually NEED, I find lots and lots of wants. Sometimes they are the kind of wants that you can only buy for yourself because telling someone "I want a necklace with a swallow or sparrow on it" sounds A) flippant and B) like I'm obsessed with birds. Neither are true. I've thought a lot about it and I own nothing with a bird on it.

It's actually a good thing we're on a tight budget because my shopping finger could get a work out on these sites. I heart that Etsy stuff is handmade with or without love (mostly by women). I can shop by my favorite color (green!) and when I enter "Elizabethan" into the search engine my heart swirls as I page through the results (1 of 178).

Anthropologie is actually new to me (and I'm socioeconomically drawn to the 'sale' screen). I have seen Nie's love for all things creative and covet her latte bowl anniversary tradition. I'm surprised I like the store as, you see, I work with a couple old grumpy Anthropologists that lack even a shred of creativity or youth. Is the store appropriately named? I've never been there but I hear they have a kickARSE after-12/25th sale. I am going to try to convince husband to take me there while we're in Denver. Pretty puhleeeze with sugar on top(less)?

Necklace with a swallow on it

Red-headed traveler with green mittens!

I also heart the leftover black bean chili that I'm eating for lunch and the date I have planned with my sexy husband for tonight. Get our wedding rings cleaned, mow down on Chinese, home for snuggles and early bedtime. Yay for Friday!

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