Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Mazeltov and Happy Chrismakkah

This weekend we enjoyed the celebratory nature of the season with some of our friends and family. Friday night was girl’s night. Pizza, almond margaritas, cookie baking, Love Actually and a gift exchange. Pizza was gone in about a half hour and we discovered you can never have enough cranberry sugar on the rim of your margarita glass. I got exactly what I wanted: Love Actually movie, a mustard colored sweater (I’ve seen red-heads wearing this color a lot lately and I wanted to try it out!) and the pinnacle of scholarly literature, sTori Telling. Heidi gave me the book with the understanding that I would let her read it when I’m done. Fine. Fine. But I get to read the Jillian Michael's book I gave you when you’re done. I got Jennie a penguin and a Sonic gift card (with the understanding that she will take the penguin to Sonic for an icy milkshake AND give it a better name than the one it came with. Freeze is a stupid name for a penguin).

Yesterday we celebrated with my family. I think it was the coldest damn day of the year (Happy Solstice indeed!) and leave it to my car headlights to go out. Yes! Both! This left my dad and husband out in the cold with ice fingers trying to replace the frikin' headlights. They came inside every five minutes to thaw themselves.

Husband: I’m so cold I tried to put my hands down my pants to warm them up and even my butt is freezing!
They finally got the lights in and we ate dinner. My brother (age 22) was complaining the entire time that he wanted to open his gifts from Santa as my parents explained over and over that Santa doesn’t come until the 25th (duh). He had to settle for the cashmere sweater from us and two monogrammed towels as a hint for him to get a job and move out of the damn house. Husband and I hit the jackpot with cash and gift cards! My dad also made husband a display stand for his 4 wii guitars (patent pending) so we can clear out the pile of electronic gadgets in our living room. Mom packed us up some holiday cookies and matzo ball soup and sent us on our way. We lit the first lights of Chanukah before we went to bed. Overall it was a great weekend and the fact that I have a 1.5 day work week not to return until January 5th makes me even happier. Happy Mazel Christmakkah indeed!


Jennie! said...

I'm letting the Internets pick Freeze's new name.

Heidi said...

I love the gay pride menorah. It's lovely.

Tamara Garvey said...

Ooh, almond margaritas? That sounds delicious. I like the bottles of pre-mixed Toasted Almonds you can buy -- have you tried those? They also make White Russians. Mmmmm. The holidays are alcoholic and delicious!