Friday, August 7, 2009

Just another manic Friday

My friend, E, made me Key Lime pie last night and her daughter ate the crumbs off my plate WITH HER FACE. It was very much awesome.

My secretary gave me a cucumber this morning.

I'm going to Outback Steakhouse this weekend with B (who is STILL single, btw).

I need to wash the kitchen floor because, well, eww.

I bought these adorable paper owls and cannot wait to assemble them!

AND I plan on watching "Labor Pains" the Lindsey Lohan movie that went straight to TV (ouch) which has been wasting away on my DVR for weeks now IN ADDITION to a few saved episodes of "Help, I peed out my baby!"

I also REEEEEEALY want to take my digital SLR to the Butterfly House at Cox Arboretum.

Now, doesn't that sound like fun?


Jennie! said...

I don't know if the butterfly thing is a good idea this weekend. It's supposed to be like 90 degrees so the butterflies will be all lethargic.

Tam said...

Jennie, why do you have to go pissing all over my weekend?

Jennie! said...

Not the whole weekend, just the butterfly part.

I actually have no idea if extreme heat makes butterflies more lethargic but it makes sense in my head.