Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm gonna have to get YouTube down here so they can tape this

Last night as we were sitting on the couch husband says this,

What is that twitter and why is EVERONE talking about it?

I told him it’s kind of like updating your Facebook status. He was totally unamused, seeing as though I pressured him to join FB in the first place and I think he’s updated his status once in his entire life. I told him even the military is using it now, he still didn’t care.

I signed up for twitter, but the buzz just hasn’t hit me. I can hardly think of Facebook updates let alone several twits a day. Like right now...'um, blogging again' Oh. Right. Most of the people in my life don’t know I have a blog. Scratch that. Yea, I got nothing.

Technology and my abhorrence to change don’t mesh well. I don’t want to learn how to work thingies...I just want them to frickin’ work! Like my SLR camera, my ipod (still no clue how to shut the damn thing off) and my digital voice recorder for work. Oh yeah. THAT. Turns out my husband doesn’t work with me, so instead of having him show me how to use it I HAD TO LEARN MYSELF. Total shits.

Last month we did jump on the Skype bandwagon. I have an awesome camera on my computer so it’s super fun to Skype with my husband, although my boobs do most of the Skyping (hehe). He’s usually in the other room on his laptop. We’re nerds like that. Don’t come over.

The other nerdy thing we introduced this week was GOOGLE CALENDAR. We can both upload our Outlook calendars to Google and it syncs them automatically. This way he knows that I have dentist/haircut/shopping next week and he doesn’t have to ask me a bazillion times what is I'm doing. I’ve also ventured into the world of GOOGLE READER per Jennie's glowing endorsement. I loaded some stuff into it but I think I like visiting each website independently, makes for additional time wasting I guess.

My husband is totally crushing on the new PALM PRE. I could care less about shiny touch phones – my current phone has that feature and every time I TOUCH it I hang up on someone. NOT Help-FUL.

Husband: You know Steve? So, he HAS THIS APP where he scans his Kroger plus card into his iphone and when he gets to the store he just scans his phone and doesn’t have to carry the card…. Isn’t that COOL?

Me: His $400 phone saved him from carrying a free card the size of a paperclip on his key chain?

Husband: Yea, isn’t that cool?

Me:[don't bother answering it will do you no good]

Holy mother of mayflower if my husband says “apps” one more time, I might be forced to impale him IN THE FACE with his is “outdated” phone.

Now tell me, is there an “APP” for THAT?


Sarah said...

No but I wish there was an app for that!

Jennie! said...

Twitter's pretty much over, anyway, now that Oprah and Fox News are on it.

Heidi said...

I agree...I tried to use Google Reader and I just got confused. Funny conversation though about the Kroger plus card. I once boycotted iPods because I thought they would end I own one.

Krysten & Dustin Hartenstein said...

Just ventured over from 20SB and thought I'd say hi! Hope you have a great day!

Ashley said...

Ugh I wish I could get my other half to look at my google calendar so he'd know the schedule; I gave him access after setting the whole darn thing up and he still asks what's going on next weekend. Look. At. Calendar. Maybe someday soon!

Tam said...

Why does the wife make the schedules? "Honey, what are we doing this weekend? Do we have anything?"