Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bugs like M&M's too

My co-worker has his 4-year-old at work today. No one gives an efff around her so, whatever.

Kids need things. A.LOT.

"Daaaaad I'm firsty"

Of course you're thirsty - your sitting in a grey cubical playing with a highlighter!

He shoots things in our office with his imaginary finger guns (my husband always says, the best toys are the ones you're born with!) Apparently, violence is encouraged in their household.

He did bring a toy turtle - a headless turtle at that.

Hey, you ask him, what happened to that turtle?

"I ated is hid off when I wiz a liddle kid"

He is very shy and won’t make eye contact with me.

I gave him M&M’s once, so today he stood outside my cubical (where I couldn’t see him) and said

“I need some M’s”

Shit. I gave him my last bag and I’m sure he won’t enjoy a lean cuisine. Sorry buddy!

He has taken it upon himself to fight off all of the bugs in our office (apparently there are “flying ants”) and exterminators are expensive so thankfully we have him on retainer.

Until they fly above three feet.

“Ders anoder one wite up der but I can’t weech it”

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Heidi said...

Haha, "I want some M's". Me too kid, me too.
I wish that kid could come work with me. That's like the little girl at Bob Evans that told me (when I asked her how her pancakes were) "They're making my nipples big" Okaaay.