Friday, May 15, 2009

I made out with your cheek because I can

I have been in a funk lately and yesterday when husband asked, “So has anything been good lately?” I couldn’t think of a single thing. I can ALWAYS think of things – but yesterday nothing came to mind. I was going to write a post about how hard I’m hating on job/skin/life/lemonbars right now – but is that what you really want to read about?


With misery, comes company

and that's not the type company you or I want to keep

You want to read about how much even though my husband has been fighting cold/flu symptoms for over a week now and has kept his slobbery lips at a distant so not to infect me – I still *adore* him and have snuggled into his cheek like a middle school crush.

I bet you’d want to know about how amazing my mom is for spending six weeks in Florida taking care of my grandparents. She gets up every 6 hours to give birthday grandpa his pain medicine and even though he sasses her about not being able to scoot sans walker – he needs her. We missed Mother's Day together but I sent her a ginormous box of goodies which she called to gush over in the most I'm-not-completely-exhausted voice she could find. I am so proud of her and I miss her.

You may like to know that, much to my delight, my good friends Heidi and Jennie! moved down the street last week. You can’t imagine just how long a 15 minute drive can be until you have a Victoria Secret free panty coupon burning a hole in your pocket and no one to shop it out with. Problem. Solved.

You will definitely want to celebrate a birthday with Three Nichols because their adorable little son turned ONE on Wednesday. I can’t believe a year ago husband and I sat in the hospital room with them through the labor induction process only to have Miss Kelly push effortlessly three times and fall madly in love with her strong little boy. I wish so much that they lived closer so I could revel in his milestones with her.

I'm sure you're as excited as I am that Jim and Pam are preggers!

And lastly, something you all know, it's Friday. And no matter how many batches of lemon bars I screwed up – the week is almost gone with nothing left to do but love on my husband. Tonight is date night and I just might talk him into splitting an order of fish and chips and an ice cold Hoegaarden on a patio just before sunset.

So that’s what’s good lately

It just took me a day to remember


Jennie! said...


Aaaaanyway, I'm glad you thought of good things. And that you got some new panties. That's important.

Jennie! said...

PS: Your mom is awesome.

Tam said...

Jennie! Anyone who waits more than 12 hours to watch THE OFFICE SEASON FINALE is NOT a true fan and ergo will not care if the episode is spoiled. Also, Sorry.

Jennie! said...

And here I thought you'd be proud of me for leaving the house and doing stuff instead of just watching TV. I'm shocked, Tam, truly shocked.