Friday, May 29, 2009

FLU - FREE Guarantee? I'll take two.

This summer Heidi and I are taking our chances on a EIGHT DAY, SEVEN NIGHT, ALL-INCLUSIVE TRIP to the MEXICAN RIVIERA (we're going to be SOOOO Sex in the City!) We're not scared of no piggie flu or brutal drug cartels.

Nope, because once we see THIS (no kids allowed) beauty

we'll have to unpack our ipods so we can do THIS

after our skin is tanned (SPF 80!) and we're done with swim-up-bars and sitting on red cushions, I think we might be hungry so we'll probably get all fancied up and eat HERE

But WAIT the night is still young and all that top shelf liquor isn't going to drink itself! That's why we're heading over HERE for some cocktails and salsa lessons

And then it will be bedtime so we will have to sleep in THIS dump of a room

And better yet, if we do get the sWINE flu... we get to come back THREE MORE TIMES FOR FREE.... GUAR-AN-TEED (leave it to the marketing geniuses in the travel industry to make H1N1 actually sound appealing)

So, yeah, THAT'S what I'm doing this summer

Drool if you must.


Heidi said...

I was drooling until I realized I'M GOING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually hope the swine flu gets me so I can go back for free.

ohioana said...

I'm jealous for sure! As a result, I also hope you get the swine flue...both of you! (Just kidding, kind of.)

Jennie! said...

That place looks really shiny and clean so I bet you won't get swine flu there.

However. If you WANT to get swine flu, you could just lick all the elevator buttons or something.

Mermanda said...

I think I'll fit in your suitcase.