Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Half Way Point Middle EXAM...Today!

Eeek! My statistics midterm is today and my belly is telling my intestines just how nervous we are. Why? Why you say, am I so concerned about a class I am taking just for funsies? Well, I want to show Mr. Doctoral Program Admission Person that I am not a complete idiot when it comes to all things math (even though I am) so I need to have a piece of paper (er, uh, transcript) so I can have this conversation:

Mr. Admissions: So, I see during your masters work you scored well in your first statistics class and then received a C (after remediating a D) in your second course. Tell me more about that.

Me: [yeah because the teacher f'ing sucked and I was asleep through most of it] Yes. I would say statistics is not my strongest attribute, however I've dedicated myself to continuing my statistical education well into my career in public health practice.

Mr. Admissions: I'm listening.

Me: HERE! [waving paper wildly] HERE IN MY HAND I have the transcript from a statistics course I took on my own accord last winter! See, an A! In this course we used SAS statistical programming, albeit at a very elementary level, to analyze social and biological data. It was a great refresher for me.

Mr. Admissions: Your dedication is indeed impressive, and will be taken into consideration along with your extensive work background in the field and GRE Scores [crap! I still have to take that again too!]

Me: Thank you sir. I like your shirt.

Mr. Admissions: Oh, one more question. If you were to look at a sample of n=140 in a clinical trial for migraine medicine. Would you think this sample size has enough statistical power to conclude that a drug in fact works better than the rate of improvement with no therapies at all?

Me: Heck if I know, but I know clams get bigger if you put them in warm water!

I need L(AAAH)TZ of luck so do the kind of *wishing* where you squeeze your eyes closed tighter than tight and tap your heels together, Okay? *wish* *wish* *wish*

(Don't go hurting yourself though. Oh and save some of your wishes for my final in five weeks. okaythanksbye.)

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