Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True beauty comes from within (unless you're just plain ugly)

I love to watch TV but barely get to do it. Today I decide to blog about TV.

There are a few essential shows that we record each week including: Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, House, and Private Practice (I will watch ANYTHING with Taye Diggs. Anything I tell you!)

Daily shows recorded in our household include: Ellen Show, Daily Show and any episode of Scrubs that happens to pop up in the cable stratosphere (My husband watches 1-2 reruns of Scrubs every day as a relaxation strategy).

THEN there are some extras that I record including: 90210 (nostalgia got the best of me. I actually cried when 90210 went off the air) Giada’s Weekend Getaways (Giada is so hot it makes me question my own sexuality at times).

We also sometimes watch So You Think You Can Dance and Idol.

If I happened to watch live TV (live TV? What’s that?) it would probably be HGTV House Hunters (pick house #2 damnit!) or Campbell Brown No Bias No Bull(shit). If (big IF) I am playing hooky from work or it’s a holiday I will watch Days of Our Lives because everyone knows you can not watch the show for two years, pick back up, and know exactly what’s going on (Did you know my childhood dream was to grow up and be on DOOL?) Okay well then did you know Passions (the soap) was cancelled? Um apparently I just found out when I tried to watch it on New Years. P.S. it was canceled over a year ago.

I started recording the new series True Beauty (please don’t judge) and I must say after two episodes that I am sheepishly disappointed. I mistakenly thought Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks could put together a good show. I mistakenly thought that Vanessa Minnillo might actually have some talent. And I mistakenly thought the guys on the show would actually be hot. Not to mention the judges are straight out on an 80’s B movie and Vanessa’s wardrobe is atrocious! Cheryl Tiegs? Seriously? She looks like a plastic surgery blow up doll gone flat. And since I don’t watch America’s Next Top Model, the name Nole Marin means nothing to me but very round man who dresses up a lot. The contestants are total flakes and the show's “spy premise” is stupid. I will be surprised if this show makes it to the finale. Oh well, I tried. Now I want to call Nick Lachey and ask him why he’s dating Minilla Wafer. He sucks at picking women.

I would like to thank my DVR, because without it, TV watching in our house would not be possible.

What do YOU watch?


Ashley said...

Cute blog!

KJ said...

Also, Private Practice is pro-choice and pro-immunization. Yay!

Heidi said...

I watched True Beauty and after the hour was over, I asked for that hour back. STUPIDEST. SHOW. EVER. Also, I agree 100% with DOOL. I know exactly what is going on and have seen 1/2 an episode in 5 years. Also, Passions was on SciFi but it even got too stupid for them and they canceled it too. Poor Timmy.

Tam said...

Timmy DIED!

Mermanda said...

I wasn't allowed to watch 90210 when I was younger. This made me very unhip with my peers.

Now that it's back on, I watch American Idol. Guilty Pleasure. Yum.

Tam said...

Yeah I was allowed to watch Dirty Dancing
too, my parents were dilusional.

Tam said...
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Tam said...
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Tam said...

p.s Don't push submit 3 times on your comment like I did.