Tuesday, June 10, 2008

you can't have things just because your friends have them. - mom

We are in desperate need of a digital camera, after both FI's and mine broke. I have a theory that Canon has developed a conspiracy to make really great cameras, ranked at the top of the consumer reports list - which are formatted to break after about two years, deeming them electronic shit piles, so you then have to go buy another [more expensive flashy version]. And although we registered at Target for a Canon [suckers!], ranked by consumer reports, my mom bought us this Nikon.

Her reasoning: Ashton Kutcher has that one.

Well Ashton, your camera doesn't have image stabilization you idiot!

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KJ said...

When I saw that ad, I first thought it was that Brian guy from Queer as Folk. B pointed out that it was Ashton. Later, I thought the guy on the Desperate Housewives finale was Ashton, but it was that Brian guy. Basically, they are the same person to me.

But way to go on the new Nikon!