Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Everyone misses their snowman eventually

I am totally content with my decision to convert to Judaism 11 months out of the year, but this last month is the absolute hardest. Not because I miss Jesus, Santa or wise men; the only men I really miss are the SNOWmen. When I moved away for college I started a collection of ornaments of my very own. Each year I decorated my tree with snowmen ornaments of glass and glitter. I was always sort of a 'secular holiday girl' and sent out generic wishes of "Enjoy the Season" or "Peace on Earth." Planned Parenthood used to print holiday cards each year, so I'd send those out to spite my family to support a good cause. I remember driving down the main street of my small Ohio college town and seeing huge snowflakes hung on the light posts. One afternoon whispers of snow rushed past me as I gazed at the festive lights and I was filled with warmth and joy. I told myself I would remember that feeling forever.

I now have dozens of snowman trinkets waiting to trim a fresh pine tree and 27 years of Christmas memories swirling in my heart. The concept of a "Hanukkah Bush" is severely frowned upon, so I am forced to give up my lovelies. Jews say that celebrating Christmas with kids is like taking a 2 year-old to a birthday party: they think it's their birthday. I don't want my future children to be confused but the fact of the matter is that, i.am.confused. Even Stephen Spielberg wanted a Christmas Tree! I am feeling shameful for listening to Christmas music in my car and wondering how I can be a good Jew and still embrace the UNignorable festivities of the season. Peppermint flavored treats, twinkling lights, warm mittens and holiday cheer.

This weekend I will proudly hang my snowman shower curtain (also adorned with rolly polly scarfed penguins and bears) and place a fuzzy snowman toilet rug. These things bring a smile to my sleepy face as I flip on the light each winter morning. I bought some Hanukkah cookie cutters and will make lakes this year for the very first time. The bottom line is that Hanukkah sucks is incomparable. Even if Christmas is someone else's holiday, until I have a four year-old asking to sit on Santa's lap, I'm gonna celebrate it. At least with a snowman rug and a menorah cookie.

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