Thursday, August 7, 2008

reality TV is always better than basketball

DH and I watched two new reality TV show this week [since its the first time we've turned on our TV in over two months!] First we attemped to watch Big Brother, and although it was my fav reality TV show and I've watched every season [even the crappy couples one that was on during the strike Big Brother 10] this seaons is terrible. Usually, I will give a show a try for at least 3 episodes [hense how Private Practice grew on me and I decided NO on Greys Anatomy] but not this time. BB10 was one and out. Everyone on the show is trashy and nasty [except for the gpa - why is he there?] I refuse to tune in. I refuse.

Our next show was sponsored by Nike and called Road to Redemption [why does this word have a “p” in it??] DH loves Duke basketball and Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski, pronounced SHI-CHEF-SKI, NOT KRI-ZEW-SKI, again PHONICS people!] is the head coach. Although watching basketball isn’t my favorite thing to do [gets a little boring sometimes] this show was great. It was like real world meets NBA stars in China. There are 5 episodes and we watched two the other night. The only part that sucked were the commercials… 3 minute long NIKE commercials! We thought we were watching another show and then wait – this is a commercial for shoes… omg its not stopping…omg its still going... wtf. So I thought I would give you a little taste of the show.

Real Show:
[Dun Dun Dun] "Here, today, for the first time in history, beloved teammates Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will interview… together”

Kobe: I have always watched LeBron from a far and respect his game.
LeBron: Gaurding Kobe makes me a better player, I never thought that could happen and then I've watched and learned from his game play.
Kobe: LeBron talks all the time, talks talks talks - always has something to say. He is a funny guy.
LeBron: I like to talk.

Okay people, is this a love fest? They are sitting on opposite sides of a couch and I really think they were reading cue cards. So I made up a better interview, one I would actually like to hear.

My interview with LeBron:
Me: Welcome, LeBron…O-H
LeBron: I-O
Me: Sweet. So LeBron, why do you have two capital letters in your name?
LeBron: I do? Oh, yeah, well my mom was kinda bad at English. They don’t proof read that stuff in the hospital you know.
Me: Did she ever consider DeBron?
LeBron: No.
Me: I remember when you got in trouble because someone bought you a Hummer with NBA money while you were still in high school.
LeBron: I don’t have to pay for Hummers anymore.
Me: hehe.
Me: You have a $90 million dollar shoe contract with Nike. They own you.
LeBron: Yes, they do, I have a NIKE toothbrush.
Me: You have a bronze medal from the 2004 Olympics. Where do you keep it?
LeBron: It’s hanging on my ESPY award.
Me: In March, you were the first black man to appear on the cover of VOGUE. You posed with Gisele Bundchen and some considered the cover offensive and racist. Did she happen to mention if Leo DiCaprio was a good lay?
LeBron: Um…no.
Me: Do you like the movie Love and Basketball with Omar Epps?
LeBron: I’m not sure if I saw it.
Me: Have you ever played basketball with Omar Epps?
LeBron: Um.. is he in the NBA?
Me: I hate you.

Stay tuned for more interviews with these beautiful black men. If you have any questions you would like answered please phone a friend.


Heidi said...

Can you ask him if he's played basketball with Taye Diggs?

Jennie! said...

Was Taye Diggs in that movie?