Friday, June 20, 2008

have you ever heard the phrase, "Cut! Take Two."

I was driving home from my work meeting in Columbus on Wednesday, after my successful make-up trial [and no, I didn't look like a whore, which is what my mother was afraid of] and there was a radio ad for some kiddie festival at Meijer [the grocery store]. The Meijer advertising guy sound like a cross between a creepy sex offender and a hockey announcer. The funny part is in the ad he says, "Kids, come on out for the fun activists!"
Hmm. What? What are activists going to do with kids? Meijer is running a protester-in-training camp? I guess youth are impressionable and able to hold signs. Then I started thinking A-C-T-I-V-I... ACTIVITIES! CLEARLY pronounced ACTIVISTS. What an idiot! The kids aren't going to a PETA rally - they're making balloon animals. Meijer has enough money for ad campaigns but not for editing? That annoyed me, I hate imperfections - much like the season finale f-up of scrubs.

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