Monday, June 16, 2008

You are the reason we have a DO NOT PLAY list

The weekend was fun, but way too short. Why is it that Monday and Tuesday can drag on like the middle ages – yet Saturday and Sunday fly by? Friday we chose food for our rehearsal dinner and attempted to choose music for our ceremony. I say attempted because the crazy guy that plays organ for our temple basically told us what would be played – I thought he was going to flip his lid when I asked for a song change between the processional and my entrance. Saturday we chose chairs and went to a very expensive wedding at the Dayton Country Club. Do you know it costs like 10K a month or something to belong to a country club? Anyway the wedding was officiated by a large priest who was a little overindulgent,

[paraphrased]Excerpt: Today is about god and prayer, this union is a prayer from god. Although the groom’s mother introduced them, she was merely a vector in god’s plan. This is all about god and god’s plan for this couple. We should all be prayerful of this divine path that god has created between bride in groom. For this is not a union of these two people, no no, it is a union of three, because god is at the center of all holy marriages. God. God. God. Let us pray.

FI ALWAYS cracks up a catholic weddings, this one was no exception. I don’t even think it’s because he’s Jewish – even I can’t help but think some of the blabbing sounds provocative. We have actually written every aspect of our ceremony, avoiding all crazy talk. We do love god, but we are not IN LOVE with god. So once all of the talk about a god threesome was over – we went to the reception.

We arrived to lots of drinking and yummy appetizers and lots of buzz about the band, Super T. Super T played at Jenna Bush’s wedding a few weeks ago – and the bride and groom had booked them long before they got big. The lead singer [super T] put on a superman costume for the second set and rides that train until the end of the night. Although one of our friends complained that when you have a band you cannot request fun dance songs like ‘bust a nut’ – the wedding was enjoyable. I looked at the band website and its 10K to book them for an event. What?! Needless to say, we will be having a DJ. And I have now placed 'bust a nut’ and anything else by notorious BIG on the DNP list.


KJ said...

"god threesome."

Possibly the best phrase ever.

Jennie! said...

What about Baby Got Back? Will they play that?

Heidi said...

I hope, like we talked yesterday...what is a wedding without booty dancing?

Tam said...

baby got back... YES. We need some booty dancing - just trying to avoid nut busting.