Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gym's leaving on a truck with a lizard

Yesterday I was a sad day at the gym. Gym Boyfriend, my gym boyfriend, got a new job driving a truck [as opposed to his ambiguous old job that I could not identify, only that it allowed him to be at the gym at least 8 hrs a day – not on the payroll]. Last night for cycling class I used a special CD for his last ride and even worked in a racing game [aww Gym loves racing games]. Afterwards I gave him some parting words:

Me: Now don’t get all hooked on meth and prostitutes okay?
Gym: Oh no, that’s not for me, I’m not parking in the back row.
Me: ?
Gym: That’s where the ‘lot lizards’ hang out – so the truck stop employees can’t see them.
Me: well keep those lizards off your lizard. Hepatitis is not fun [not to mention, you already have that eye disease]
Gym: Yeah, I don’t want crabs.
Me: ...

He said he will make a guest appearance every now and then when he’s not “on the road.” He also told me he is going to survive on protein powder and egg whites and pack some hand weights in his cab and that he was allowed to have a small dog [but probably won't get one]. WTF? Truck drivers are allowed to have small dogs running around in the cab? That doesn’t sound right – but okay. Do what you need to do Gym. So with Gym gone, FI no longer has to worry about me eyeing his popsicle shaped form – or contracting his eye disease and love for the Tarheels. Safe Travels Gym.

Now for a few comments on television. Last night I was boycotting my wedding planning to watch TV.

First, I don’t watch How I Met Your Mother, but I’ve Tivo’ed the two episodes with Britney Spears. The first one was comical, but in the second one – wow did she look fat. Not to mention they left the story end open – so I assume she’ll be back. Not watching another one of her prime time cameos. Also I think she wore her own jewelry, she had on this ugly b-dazzled butterfly necklace. I seriously think she stole it off a BRATZ doll. Give it back. Seriously.

Second, the scrubs finale – WTF!!?? That show is so fubar right now, ending on NBC, switching to ABC. Did they forget in the second-to-last episode that Dr. Kelso retired? Oh right because then in the last episode he was back, they all wore gay medieval costumes and way too much makeup while Dr. Cox narrated a dumb fairytale story to his ADD kid who never blinks. I was so pissed I even yelled at FI when the show started. I know it wasn’t his fault the episodes were out of sequence and the entire premise sucked, but he was the only one there. Then he called me cranky and that made me cranky. Screw You Scrubs! True Story.


Jennie! said...

You should watch the episodes of How I Met Your Mother where Britney isn't around being not-funny. They're so much better without her.

Tam said...

yeah we tried that too - just can't get into that show. Big Bang Theory is where it's at!

KJ said...

Yeah, that Scrubs was pretty amazingly dumb. Not that my TV standards are that high these days. It might be pretty pathetic how much I'm looking forward to this Thursday's finales (Grey's and Ugly Betty). Because I am weak.

Also, yay! You're blogging again! I can't really complain considering the infrequency of my blogging, but I missed you when you were gone.