Friday, June 20, 2008

Just step over her, please.

Our wedding is in 14 days. That's exactly two weeks from today. Two weeks from right now I will be sitting in a chair having my hair and make up done. That is so weird. Last night after work FI and I... met with the florist, picked up my [perfectly fixed] dress, bought pads for my shoes, went and bought napkins and candle holders, met with the cake lady, fought in the car, and had our final menu tasting. Other than the fighting in the car [sheesh weddings are stressful] things went smoothly. Only 699 more things on the "to do" list..uuhg!

OH AND OH...KJ! GOT ENGAGED!! YAY KJ! Her FI, B, is best friends with my FI from high school. I have only met her once "in the flesh" [hehe, I've always wanted to type that], but through blogging, feminism and our love of stool softeners, we've become sisters. B is a groomsmen [not a bridesmate] - they will get a good little taste of wedding crazy when they come.

Advice for KJ:
1. Don't have Bridesmaids, if you want to keep a girl as a friend DON'T ask her to be in your wedding. OR ask your bitchiest friend and slap her in wedding rage and chalk it up to BM duty.
2. Don't spend lots of money on invitations - it's stupid. [Unless you're rich, then go ahead and shimmer paper your ass off]
3. Get EVERYTHING writing. We had to put it in writing last night for our caterer to put butter on the table!
4. If FI has an opinion [these will be few and far between] let him have his way.
5. Don't spend a shit load on the dress, it's not worth it. Wear THIS!
6. Don't go to an ESL seamstress for alterations.
7. Use THEKNOT message boards for advice, but do not participate in crazy rants.
8. Friday and Sunday weddings are WAY CHEAPER. [again, rich, don't worry about it]
9. Make lots of effort to include your [and his] moms,aunts, & gmas. Even small little things that you don't even think about [the moment you put on your dress] mean the world to them.
10. Elope.

I also told KJ it would be great if one year from now a magical party with everything she ever dreamed of could just appear. IF I had a wand that worked, I'd bippity boppity boo you that as a wedding present [that and I'm cheap]. I know my party will be magical - but the yellow brick road is lined with blood, sweat and tears [and a mangled Philippino seamstress].

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KJ said...

Yay, this post made me so happy! Thank you!

Also, we're not rich. Not rich at all. But we like a good party.

Also, yay, your dress is fixed! Boo, ESL seamstress.

Also, my TSH is 2.9. Which is apparently not high enough for my doctor to be willing to give me Synthroid, but is, you know, TWICE the normal level! Time to get a new doctor who will give me drugs. So, yes, sisters of social conscience and medical pathology.