Sunday, April 20, 2008

no, but paula abdul is jewish...

I am home now. I had the greatest weekend with the fam. After my amazingly fun bday was over there was MORE fun to come. The following day my family threw me a surprise bridal shower!! AND... my best friend from college [who recently relocated to Florida and had a baby] was there!! I was so surprised and happy. Later that night my entire family went bowling with my gpa - he got a strike! My mom on the other hand bowled a 19. True Story.

GPA: Holy cow, this is the best birthday ever. I am the luckiest guy in the world.
Me: you sure are grandpa
GPA: Most guys my age at the VA are drooling in wheelchairs... not bowling! This calls for some tall prayers.

The next day we threw his surprise b-day party and man was he ever surprised! There was lots of food, I played darts [did you know you count down from like 305 or something?] and had lots of conversations. I had a particularly funny interaction with my cousin's husband- we will call him Obnoxiously Funny Cousin-in-law [OFCIL]

OFCIL:So how does it feel to be Mormon?
Me: I'm not Mormon.
OFCIL: I heard you were like Lutheran and Jewish or... doesn't that make mormon?
Me: Umm.
OFCIL: You know, like that family with all the kids?
Me: The Von Trapp family?
OFCIL: Yeah! Wait, no. Like the Jackson's...or something. You know, they sing.
Me: I don't think the Jackson's were Mormon. The Partridge family?
[my mom butts in]: No No the Osmond's
OFCIL: Yeah like them, so are you going to have lots of kids?
Me: I'm not Mormon. I'm Jewish. None of those families are Jewish.
OFCIL: Are you still going to have like five kids?
Me: No.

Oh and guess what, on my way home I sat next to the guy with NO LEGS AGAIN! What the hell are the odds of that?? This time we chatted - come to find out he went to the same elementary school only a year behind me! What?! He was funny,

Me: Do people ask you if you were in the Iraq war.
Him: you know what..YES! I went to Arizona and got asked THREE TIMES!
Me: What do you say?
Him: I just say... No.
Me: And what do they say?
Him: Nothing. It's a short conversation.

He said he was looking to get into higher education administration. I told him WSU has a nationally known handicapped program.

Him: Yeah I know, they have this huge grant from the state and if you are handicapped they practically MAKE you go there.
Me: Wow.
Him: Nah, that's not for me. Handicapped people creep me out.

[I almost said "Me too" but I stopped myself.]

the end. Happy Passover!


KJ said...

Me too!

Also, does it weird you out that people keep having questions regarding your fecundity? Just saying.

Jennie! said...

I'm glad you had fun! PS: You need to come over and help Heidi and me with that stupid Rayman game.

Tam said...

kj - yeah they need to back up off my fecundity! I guess its the natural progression of questions that follow..."when are you guys getting married?" Sound familiar?
I like to answer all questions related to my womb and marrital status with "I have a belly button"

Jennie! Rayman 1 or 2? Beating 1 is a BLAST!!

Heidi said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend with the family. Yes, can you come beat our Rayman for us?