Friday, April 18, 2008

it was a happy ending

well folks its official, my birthday has come and gone. I did have a good one though. It all began the night before when FI gave me my presents early. I got a northface jacket - which I totally wanted and JUNO! I totally heart that movie! The FILs (future in laws) got me a great vera bradley purse and a wallet. I loved my presents. I got up and rushed my way to the airport in CBUS. Made it to my flight with 20 minutes to spare. GO ME! I was flying Delta and got very excited to see DELTALINA - then I realized I was on a pinkie plane [a plane that's the size of my pinkie] thus no TV. Interestingly enough, I sat next to a guy with no legs - that was weird. I had the window seat so I stood in the aisle and said "I think that's my seat" [pointing to seat 7C] I was doing the courtesy wait-while-people-move-their-legs and he's totally staring at me like "well go you f'ing idiot, I don't have any legs to move!" I took my seat and then for the next two hours fought back the urge to ask him how much he weighs and how he poos. We did end up making fun of the loser kids behind us - so that was fun. Overall, Strange flight.

I met up with my family, which was nice. My gpa was VERY surprised to see us. I guess he was in a depression because he didn't get any birthday cards - he didn't know we were all coming down. So after I dropped my parents off I headed over to my cousin's house. As I walked in the door my beautiful 4 year-old flower girl and I had the following exchange:

Flower Girl Cousin: Tamawah! Are you Pwegnant?
Me: No, I'm not pwegnant.
Flower Girl Cousin: Okay! [walks away to play with toys]

After I watched her sister squeeze a lizard to death with her bare hands and bury it in a Brats accessories box in the backyard [RIP 4/17/08], we were headed to dinner. We went to Macaroni Grill and had a great meal. I cashed in on some great presents and ate way too much food. We headed back, stopped at my gparents for some benign conversation and then my cousin in and I went to a bar for some drinks. Overall a very great day.

oh and I forgot to mention that my *wonderful* FI had a card sent to Florida for me so that I could open it at dinner [seriously people - hands off!] that really made my day. So mark your calendars 364 days and counting....

p.s. No really, I'm not pwegnant!


Heidi said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Yay for Jeremy reading your code "no presents" thing.

Jennie! said...

You'd better not be pregnant if you were drinking.


KJ said...

Hope you had lots of cake! And that rosemary bread at the Macaroni Grill...soooo good.

And, I don't know about you, but whenever people ask me if I'm pregnant, I always get paranoid. "No, I'm not. I'm not, am I? No, I couldn't be. Or could I? Why are they asking? Am I giving off a pregnant vibe? No, I heart my birth control. But you never know... Crap."