Friday, April 25, 2008

look this one up in your mystical dream book why don't you!

I have been having vivid nightmares lately – I am not sure if it’s my stress level or my thyroid medicine but they are straight out of a Steven-King-meets-my-family movie. They have all involved someone I love and their subsequent brutal murder. Well except for last week when I had a dream that I was presumably in some sort of street gang – as a silent observer. I watched my “friends” murder a convenient store full of unsuspecting patrons and they moved their rage into dark alleys where they mutilated homeless people and shot up cops. Oh yeah, way messed up. I also had a dream that someone killed FI and made me watch them do it. WTF?!

Last night I dreamt about my family, well not my brothers just me, my mom and my dad [how our family began and should have stayed] Anyway, my mom committed some horrible offense, I actually think it was some sort of misdemeanor. I believe this for two convincing reasons, one, because even in my dreams my mom couldn’t hurt a fly and two, I remember having an overwhelming feeling of injustice. So my mom was scheduled to be beheaded by an expert swordsman (yes I watch entirely too many dramas about Elizabethan history – but you might as well go out Anne Boleyn style) for I am sure something stupid like stepping on a crack. In my dream I had to go to a support group, it was like AA for people who were about to lose someone. I had to get up and talk about how my mom was getting sliced soon. I was crying, not just a little crying, but sobbing uncontrollably like the kind where you can’t catch your breath. I was saying all of the reasons I didn’t want my mom to die and regretting ever being mean to her or thinking mean thoughts about her. Well after this horrible group, which did not provide alcohol or light snacks, I met up with my dad. He had an idea that we would go to another country so my mom could be safe. We were all running around trying to find our I.D’s [now why if we were trying to escape to start a new life in another country would we want our I.D’s!?] Oh and to get to the country you had to go to the top of a tall cave water slide and go down. My mom was just standing over the mossy black hole with water gushing through it, crying [in her defense it was scary as hell and you probably would have drowned in it.] She was too afraid and wouldn’t go in and then I realized all I had was my Wright State ID! I had to run away from the water cave, back to the beach resort where we were staying in [okay what?] and find my drivers license. My dream kept flashing back to a cold, dark chopping block somewhere in England where a masked murderer sharpened his blade – I guess to evoke a sense of urgency within me [as if my mom getting stuck in a caveslide to another country wasn’t enough.] As I returned to the waterslide with my ID, my dad had just pushed my mom through. He went down and then I did. So in the end we escaped to another country and lived happily ever after.The end.[Now you see I was ELATED in my dream, but seriously, how happy would I be with no identity in a strange country with only my mom and dad?]

I would much rather have the wedding nightmares – as least no one gets bloody. [yet]


Jennie! said...

I think you need to stop smoking crack before you go to bed.

Heidi said...

Seriously, this dream is very vivid and f-ed up.