Sunday, April 27, 2008

yesterday was amazing

FI and I celebrated my birthday yesterday - and yes it was amazingly fun. I knew it would be fun simply because with the whole medical school thing we never get to spend AN ENTIRE DAY together. Yesterday we did - and better yet we celebrated my favorite day! Here are the highlights.

Went to Potbelly's for lunch.

Went to Dillards in Middletown because they are going out of business. This was a crazy experience because FI actually wanted to shop LONGER than I did. He was dead set on getting himself a cashmere sweater for $20. He tried on everything they had and bought three or four of them. I bought nothing for myself. True Story.

Went to the aquarium, first we drove around for like 20 minutes trying to find a parking place. THEN we went to the aquarium. I touched a star fish. None of the snakes were in their cages, which was good because I hate snakes. I hypothesized that they all got out. We saw the stingray that killed Steve Erwin. We sat and watched some otters play - they are real cute. We saw Nemo, apparently someone found him. We walked through the shark cave and FI told me about how they shed their teeth. I ate a hot dog. And last but not least, the highlight of our trip was watching a fat little penguin walk over to the water's edge and take a big, white, squirty shit right in front of us. That was fun.

Then we had appetizers and drinks at Claddagh Irish Pub. We sat outside in the sun and chatted [note: I L.O.V.E sitting and eating outside.] as we drank our beer.

We went to Kenwood Mall and I had my make-up done at Bare Escentuals. FI sat the entire time and watched me:) A 'guy' called Jackie [heart over the 'I'] made me look amazing! THis is the first time I have ever had my make- up done and not wanted to run home and wipe it all off. I did not look like a $2 hooker and my eye lashes didn't resemble a hairy spider. Jackie put lots of green eyeshadow on me and some peppermint nude lip gloss. I paid $18 for lip gloss, I really did.

Then we were off to the melting pot for dinner. Well, first we had drinks at the bar. I tasted some red wines and chose a great Shiraz. FI had a Yin&Yang, aka -a girly ice cream martini with chocolate shavings. It was good I will not lie. We met a guy at the bar and we hated him, he was drunk and his girlfriend was tragic. We headed over to our table and our waiter was great. FI's salad had coconut encrusted cashews on it. Mr. Waiter brought us a cup of them and we ate every last one with a fork. We want those at our wedding - we will have them. Half way through dinner I got really full. I tried to make some room, but it didn't help. FI had to finish the dinner. Our fondue dessert was dark chocolate topped with flambe marshmellow creme and crushed oreos. I scraped out the remaining chocolate and ate it off a spoon with my last sip of wine. It couldn't have ended better.

On the way home we stopped at Hustler of Hollywood. We didn't find anything slutty enough, so we left. I had to unbutton my pants on the way home. Then I passed out but continued to have incoherent conversation with FI. I was too tired to have sex when we got home. I am a loser. He deserves sex for like a month straight for that day - he just shouldn't have fed me so much. The End.


Jennie! said...

Did you say hi to Giant Jesus?

Heidi said...

I love how every trip back from the South you stop at Hustler. So dirty.