Friday, April 4, 2008

Shiny, angry people holding hands...

Since we are going with the anger theme – I will continue what The Collective has started with things I’d like to punch. Although they only listed five, I went with ten. Because I can.

1.Abbie Cornish
She is the whore that allegedly contributed to the demise of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe. I am also convinced that while filming Candy, she urged Health Ledger to swap out the plain water they were injecting and to add crushed OxyContin. Hence his subsequent addiction and demise. After my hatred for her had escalated to what I thought was the peak – I found out she plays in Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Because of this poor casting choice, I hated that movie. And with my unequivacal love for all things 16th century– this is saying a lot.

2.Kendra Todd
This Donald Trump reject got herself booted off The Apprentice and somehow landed a job on HGTV as the host of “My House Is Worth What?” She totally sucks, has no personality, doesn’t look at people when she talks and dresses like a stripper. Someone punch her please!

3.Nicolas Cage
He used to be on my list of celebs I’d sleep with, and the ConAir/Face Off version of him still is, but what the hell happened to this guy? He’s a high school dropout, his middle name is Kim, he wed Elvis’s daughter for four months, he named his kid named Kal-El and he hasn’t done a decent movie since 2001.

4.The person who invented the way CD’s are packaged.
Every time I buy one I want to throw the damn thing out the window before I even get the wrapping off. Why does it need the cellophane casing AND binding sticker!

5.People with large chins or non existent chins
I just want to punch them the chin.

6.The neighbors who keep stealing our recycling bin

7.Will Farrell Movies
We watched Blades of Glory last night and I lost 93 minutes of my life that I can never get back. Why Napoleon - why did you agree to that movie?

8.Girl Scouts

9.The Simpsons
I in no way, shape or form find them funny or even mildly entertaining.

10.Adult Acne
And in this case I would be punching myself in the face [and chin]. Who knows? Maybe that will help…


Jennie! said...

I can't believe you're punching a girl scout. Also, I'm glad my chin is regular sized (I hope?) so you won't punch me in it.

heather! anne! said...

The person who invented the way CD’s are packaged.


Jennie! said...

PS: Blades of Glory? Terrible.

Jennie! said...

Also, could you post something, please? I'm bored.

Tam said...

Jenni - posts like this are exactly why I have worked my magic.