Friday, February 29, 2008

now I lay me down to sleep

Another happy Friday during lent. I remember back in the day [B.J. – or before Judaism which officially cast its spell upon me with a naked bath on 8.22.07] when I was a Christian, I actually liked giving up stuff for lent. I always gave up specific things that I knew I could accomplish like doughnuts or soup. One of FI’s friends gave up his BED for lent – now that guy really loved Jesus. I looked at it as a fun challenge and told myself every time I had the will power to give something up that I was actually honoring Jesus. I have heard mixed reviews about the origin of this practice, one being that back in ye old day the Catholic church acted as a catalyst for the fish industry – if that’s the case those bishops need to find a way to boost the housing market of the 21st century! I’ve also heard that the practice symbolizes the suffering that Jesus endured on the week of his passing. I have some vegetarian friends and they hardly compare their daily existance to the Passion of the Christ so I’ve concluded its crazy talk. Even though I am now a member of the chosen tribe and happily ate ham for breakfast today, I do think I think I made HIM proud a friday or two in my time. In college, the local McDonalds offered 99 cent fish sandwiches on Fridays [What the February?!].[I love the people who think that eating a fish sandwhich is healthy for you – because its fish. Riiight folks. Dream on**, anything topped with cheese and a creamy white sauce should have a black box warning “myocardial infarction ahead”.] I just so happened to love the greasy, fried, cheesy mess that is a Mc-Fishy so I would wait in a snaking drive through line each Friday – to honor Him… with a side of fries.

Shabbat Shalom!

**McDonalds Filet-O-Fish® calories 420; calories from fat 240

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