Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Holidays - TO ME

I had to laugh today when I read Laura's post about buying presents FOR HERSELF. I just sat here, GUILTY of the same offenses and somehow relatively unashamed of myself.

This is actually totally awful when you think about the fact that I should be focusing on my unborn child and the fact that the only suitable sleeping arrangement we have for him is an open drawer or a kitty bed. ON TOP OF THE FACT that we've told friends/family we're giving the gift of life this year and not to expect much else.

But then I was walking through Macy's the other day on my way to use a FREE PANTIE coupon at Vicki's (panties which are now being 'saved' for post pregnancy, what mom wouldn't love new panties as motivation to shrink her ass back down to size?) - anyway, I'm walking through Macy's and spy a BLACK PEARL NECKLACE hanging on the clearance rack amongst some hideous costume jewelry and tacky plastic bracelets. You know, like the one CJANE had that I was SWOONING OVER just a few weeks ago?

EXCEPT ONE PROBLEM: No clearance price.

I was about the set them down assuming some lazy broad had hung them there in a effort to spike my blood pressure for funsies, when I decided to take the chance, walk up to the counter, and ask IF POSSIBLY THESE STUNNING PEARLS WERE ON SALE.

The teenage-looking sales girl with entirely too much makeup clearly applied strategically in an attempt to distract you from her lack of personality examined the tag, NOT MARKED CLEARANCE, shrugged and scanned them.

Original Price Tag: $80.00 (fresh water pearls with sterling silver clasp)

Sale Price: $18.00

PLUS 25% OFF Friends and Family Coupon: $13.50

The pearls are mine and in my opinion, A TOTAL SCORE.


Mindy said...

What a steal! You shouldn't feel guilty about that $13.50 purchase ... just think of the money you saved, not the money you spent ;-)

By the way, I love the baby blog button!

Mermanda said...

I want some black pears myself. If only I could get them for such a great price!