Friday, September 18, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #16

I feel like it’s been forever since I told you people about things I HEART.

This morning’s shower brought a jolt that reminded me to do just that!

Everyone knows I am sucker for a good commercial – we have a DVR and fast forward through advertisments just to prevent me from BUYING EVERYTHING! (by the by, did you know Kohl’s now carries a SNUGGIE with OHIO STATE logos on it? A SNUGGIE!! I didn’t buy it, I swear, but if I had season tickets this year… I would have.)

Anyway, I was watching LIVE TV the other day (what’s that?) and saw a commercial for a facial mask (masque?) you can use in the shower. They claimed it was INVIGORATING.

And after this morning, I AGREE. It's like "I just had sex" face, without the actual sex!

This face wash should seriously be called WAKE YOUR FACE UP. It is a total experience. First you smooth it on (don’t use too much like I did – and don’t rub), then the tingling starts like little face fireworks. I worked on washing the rest of my parts (graphic! TMI!) while my facial extravaganza was at work. Then, after what I figured was a minute (maybe five) I started the exfoliating process – rub in a circular motion, but WATCH OUT! This is one scrubby scrub. Don’t push too hard or you will scrub your freckles right off! Then, rinse. After pulling my face away from the shower stream, COOLING EFEECTS! I swear this stuff is a party for your face! After my shower I looked in the mirror to see a VERY fresh face. Actually, it looked like I had just been skiing! My cheeks were bright and rosy and my eyes looked rested.

I’m serious people! I don’t get paid squat to blabber on and on this way about products and when some $6 face mask busts a move on my cheeks – you bet your other cheeks I’ll tell you about it. Just a note, I usually have sensitive skin but it was fine for me, so don’t be shy ladies, check it out.

And as you all know I totally heart Jewish Holidays and tonight begins the Jewish New Year celebration! Happy Rosh Hashana everyone!

L’Shana Tova!

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laura @ so alaurable said...

Hi, I saw a link to your blog title on Cusp of Normal and had to click through, as I married a med student. I use this Clean & Clear too...seriously great wake-up!