Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out

I went to Shabbat services at Temple Friday night for the first time in a long time. Partly because I'm lazy and partly because services are led by members in the summertime (which I don't care for that much). When I entered to sanctuary I was overwhelmed with memories of our wedding. I have been back and sat through services several times since, yet Friday was different. All I could picture was husband and I up on the bima (raised platform) saying our vows to one another. I was thinking about what a special day that was and trying to remember every single minute of it. The words, the tears, the laughter and pride. I wanted to relive that day a million times over just to feel the wonder of those moments again. I spent the entire service thinking about that day, and much of the car ride home. I was thankful that I could walk into a room and be reminded of such joy and togetherness. Then I was saddened because in 10 short months we will live somewhere else. And although I welcome our new adventure with an open heart and mind, Friday night Shabbat services will no longer be held in the sacred place where I married my beloved. I really never imagined I could love someone THIS much. It boggles my mind.

::Le sigh::

On a more narcissistic note, in the new Vera Bradley catalog I found a contest where people vote on a wedding photo of your bridal party.

Will you GO VOTE FOR ME?

Pretty, pretty please. I really want to win (something, anything, come on people! Go Team Tam!)


ohioana said...

Voted for you!

Andy said...

I don't know...that pic's a little spicy for public viewing...


Tam said...