Friday, August 14, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #15


There are things I want right now. Well there are always things I want. I'm a want-er. And please read the word WANT with emphasis because, I assure you, need for NOTHING. NOTHING I tell you!! I actually find myself looking at my home, every nook and cranny (what's a cranny?) with a violent urge to THROW IT ALL AWAY. Then the guilt kicks in. Guilt about garbage piling up and DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT! Like how long does it take for an ugly color Clinique trial size eye shadow to leave this earth? You can't tell me? Shit. I have to keep it.

Things I want right now:

A Northface rain jacket

Some comfortable (and reasonably priced) black heels to wear to work

A (used?) Cannondale hybrid 15" women's bike

And gift certificate to Sephora

Because have I told you how much I *love* Bare Minerals? Well the geniuses in the "common sense" department FINALLY found a way for me to travel with loose powder (because my Scotch tape antics work only 50% of the time!)

"The new Click, Lock, Go™ component, you can take bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation everywhere you go—no spills, no leaks, no worries. "
Three words: IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Also I'm dying to try Kat Von D's eyeliner and tattoo concealer because remember the episode of LA INK where she had ALL 78962 of her tattoos covered with it? Right, like all of them. Man she rocks so hard!

And don't forget - I'm going to be laying on the beach next week so you won't hear from me. Unless it's on the news, because my boss told me I am destined to be abducted by Mexican drug lords and killed - but not before they steal my kidneys.

And you thought YOUR boss was supportive!

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