Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Are you ready to exercise? Well bust out those shopping fingers and check out the deals I scored this week!

Vera Bradley Zip Around Wallet $15! (reg. $38) TODAY ONLY!! This wallet is awesome and holds more crap-OH-lA! than you could possibly imagine. Do you have a frequent shopper card to every boutique you've ever stepped foot in? This one's for you (or your mom for the holidays - start now, save now. That's my motto!)

Next up, Pleated Tulip Skirt $25! (reg. $59.50) I actually bought the entire outfit this chick has on last night at Ann Taylor Loft (when hubs is a doctor, this store is my destiny). The shirt was a total splurge that I am NOT proud of, but I needed to look sophisticated on Friday and this might be my only hope. I made the sales girl rip it straight off the mannequin. I walked out with this outfit, a $10 pair of jeans and a $25 cash-back coupon and tapped that nekkid mannequin on the bum. Thanks lady!

And lastly, I had to re-buy the FABULOUS Victoria Secret cover up I wore on my Mexico trip because, I sat in bleach (and almost cried!) Thankfully it's on SALE $22.99 (reg. $39) with AN ADDITIONAL 40% off when you use the code CLEAR40 until tomorrow!! Total: $13.79!!! This is so soft and the color is stunning. I heart it. A lot.

Thank me later, okay?



Sarah said...

Ohh I am so tempted to buy that wallet... I've had 2 of them and used them to DEATH until they literally fell apart from my abuse.

And $15 is a really really great price...

Heidi said...

That wallet is a very good price.

Also, yay on the F@%&k it post-it.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love the wallet and am loving that I found your blog...Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog that I launched today.

Jennie! said...

Wait, how did you sit in BLEACH?! That sounds painful.

Tam said...

Heidi - yes! on the f-it email, Praise baby jesus.

Teresa - I'm jewish, but i'll check it.

Jennie! apparently in mexico they can't afford cleaning products so they wipe EVERYTHING with bleach. Including the bar chairs. Thanks for that mexico. thanks a lot.